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Goddess Shakambari Devi

Goddess Shakambari Devi is an incarnation of Mother Goddess Shakti. It is in this form she nourishes all living beings. Shakambari means ‘She Who Is Clothed In Leaves And Twigs.’
In the Devi Mahatmya it is mentioned that Goddess Shakti appeared as Shakambari Mata after a period of hundred years of drought. All the plants had died and there was nothing to eat. Shakambari Mata brought forth from her body fruits, flowers, vegetables and herbs to suffice the hunger of the people.
The form of Shakambari Devi is de scribed in detail in Durga Saptashati. Maa Shakambari is blue in color. Her eyes are like lotus flower. She is depicted with numerous arms – one arm is shown as carrying a lotus with bees circling it. The other hands carry bow, arrows, flowers, roots, and vegetables.
The stories of Goddess Shakambari is closely related to Goddess Banashankari and many scholars are of the view that both are the same goddess worshipped in different names.
The most popular festival dedicated to God…

INTACH Restores Leaning Bhadrakali Temple at Sarah in Himachal Pradesh

The BhadrakaliTemple at Sarah near Dharmastala in Kangra District in Himachal Pradesh was damaged in an earthquake in 1905. The temple was successfully restored by INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage). The temple is dedicated to the Bhadrakali manifestation of Goddess Shakti.
The Tribune reports
Malvika Pathania, state convener of INTACH, said they had approached Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal for a financial grant for reconstructing the temple. The Chief Minister gave a grant of Rs 7 lakh for the project with which it had now been reconstructed. She said initially the advice of a geologist from Uttar Pradesh, who was an expert in the restoration of old buildings, was taken for the reconstruction. The geologist had said that the temple at one time had many natural water sources and an inn around it.  The services of artisans from Orissa were hired for the reconstruction. Each stone of the temple was dismantled and numbered so that it could be put back at the s…

Nityananda of Ganeshpuri Teachings

Go back and do your duty without desire for fruit and without sacrificing efficiency. This is the highest service that you can render.
God is here, there and everywhere. There is not a pinhole where this one will not be found.
Without an intense sense of renunciation and dispassion for worldliness there can be no progress whatsoever, and if you don’t listen, you will fail in the end.
The mind should be like a lotus leaf which, though in water, with the stem in the mud and the flower above, is yet untouched by both. Similarly, the mind should be kept untainted by the mud of desires and the water of distraction, even though engaged in worldly activities.
Then just as the stalk, stem and leaf, when properly cultivated and not disturbed, will culminate in the lotus blossom, similarly, if the detached mind and faith are firmly established in the lotus of the heart and never allowed to wax or wane with happiness and difficulties, His grace will be invoked.
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