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Eco-friendly Worship at Chitrakut Dham temple in Ajmer in Rajasthan

Dedicated to Hindu God Shiva, Chitrakut Dham temple in Ajmer in Rajasthan is becoming a good example of water conservation. Water and milk poured on the Shivling in the temple is recycled and reused – giving the worship an eco-friendly touch. The whole mechanism of recycling water has been devised by Santashri Pathak who is a priest at the Chitrakut Dham Temple . The temple is located around 15 km from Ajmer . Santashri Pathak, the priest at the Chitrakut Dham temple, who also happens to be an engineer, has devised a mechanism under which water and milk poured over the Shivlinga are conserved and recycled resulting in the increase of the groundwater level of the area. "At the temple's surroundings, the water level has increased considerably compared to what was four years back when I began implementing water-recycling mechanism in the temple premises," says Pathak. Hailing from Gujarat with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Pathak believes that religion and scie


Gosht Ashtami is dedicated to the worship of cow (Go). It is observed on the eighth day during the waxing phase of moon in Margashirsh month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Goshtashtami 2024 date is December 8. On the day cows are bathed and they are given fresh grass and other food items including sweets. Pujas on the day are performed in the cowshed. A similar ritual that is famous in North India is the Gopashtami performed on the Kartik Ashtami day.