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Bhagavad Gita Does Not Preach God Miracles and Escapism but asks man to wholeheartedly to perform his duty

The singular and surpassing strength of the Gita lies in its comprehensive outlook and understanding of different types of temperaments; of the higher ideals and truths into which all men are not equally awakened and yet into which it is inevitable all have to grow; of the clash of interest and duties devolving upon man in his attempt to maintain a harmonious relation between his own higher interests and ideals on the one hand and the stern realities of life on the other. TV Kapali Sastry
Sri Krishna argues in the Bhagavad Gita that life and action are deeper than logical processes. He advises Arjuna not to fritter away his life in scruples, tremors and hesitations, but asks him wholeheartedly to perform his duty.
The highest knowledge cannot be got by turning our attention inward, but only by conducting ourselves in our external relations, fully imbued with the spirit of all presence of the divine.
The Vedanta ethics does not ask us to sit with folded hands or, like the mystic, look dow…