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Goddess Lajja Gauri

Lajja Gauri is an important manifestation of Mother Goddess (Shakti) and in this is form today she is mainly worshipped by Shakti worshippers and Tantrics. Lajja Gauri has a lotus head and her legs are shown as raised – in giving birth form. Thus she is fertility goddess. Symbolically this form of Mother Goddess indicates that all that is living and nonliving was born from her. She is life, creativity and abundance. This form was widely worshipped till the 13 th century. Images quite similar to Lajja Gauri have been unearthed from Harappa indicating that this form of Mother Goddess was worshipped from ancient times.  Many scholars are also of the view that Lajja Gauri has close similarities to Aditi – the Mother Goddess mentioned in the Rig Veda. Most modern stories associated with Lajja Gauri equate her with Goddess Parvati. In these stories, Shiva tests Her modesty and a shy Goddess Parvati bows down her head or is replaced with lotus. These stories seem to be an attempt by modern

Aum Clipart for Microsoft Office – Download Om image for free

Aum is one of the most popular Hindu symbols. OM is also one of the most widely used clipart Hindu symbol in Microsoft office documents and other presentations. You can now download Aum in different styles from Microsoft office for free. You can also add them to your clipart images. Currently there are five different images for download. Link – Download Aum clipart - Five images