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Reviving Garbha Sanskar Ritual

Garbha Sanskar was a must for pregnant woman in a joint family system but it is today a forgotten Hindu tradition – thanks to the nuclear family. Garbha Sanskar is taking care of the growing fetus in a mother’s womb based on the belief that the baby in the womb is sensitive to the physical, mental or emotional perceptions experienced by the mother. Garbha Sanskar was very popular among Hindus but last two decades saw this great tradition being neglected by couples. Now several individuals and organizations are making an effort to bring back the Garbha Sanskar rituals. The ritual is seeing a revival in Nagpur in Maharashtra, India. The Sanskar makes sure that a healthy baby is born. It is also reduces the chances of premature birth, birth defects and miscarriage. Times of India reports
During pregnancy, the emotional perceptions experienced by the mother affects the well-being of the child. It is believed that chanting Sanskrit shlokas, reading biographies of famous personalities encoura…

Swami Dayananda Sayings

Justice and mercy differ only in name. When the fruit is given in accordance with the actions – Karma, then it follows that sins are never forgiven. In life, there is no retirement. Where there is no peace, there is no limit to sufferings. The soul pervades the body and God pervades the soul. Swami Dayananda