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Showing posts from May 25, 2011

Hindu Cremation Procedure in Children’s Death

If the death of a child happens in a Hindu family, the usual procedure is to bury the body instead of burning on a pyre. The death of the baby happens of before namakarana or naming ceremony – the body is buried. If the naming ceremony was performed before death then the body can be buried or burned on a pyre. The general rule that is accepted by most Hindu communities is to bury the body, if the death happens before 3 years. If the death takes place after 3 years – the body is to be burned on a pyre.

Sanskrit online Journal – Jahnavi

Jahnavi is a Sanskrit online journal with thought provoking articles from scholars. All articles are in Sanskrit and the journal aims to make the modern generation aware of our tradition and heritage. The journal is a must read for all Sanskrit lovers. About the e-Journal Jahnavi Passing through transition time phase our India needs that the vacuum between our traditional root value, heritage and modern young generation must be covered. As first Sanskrit E-Journal (Jahnavi Sanskrit E-Journal) a part of Sarsvat-Niketanam family is oriented to connect our new generation with this divine language which is the base of our root, identity and originality. To change public negative mindset towards of Sanskrit and to provide platform to creative thought and analysis related with Sanskrit on internet are our main priorities. For successful journey this mission expects a support of Sanskrit and Sanskriti lovers like you. You can read Sanskrit e-journal Jahnavi here.