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Goddess Pratyangira Devi

Goddess Pratyangira is an Ugra Avatar or powerful incarnation of Mother Goddess Shakti. One school of thought is that Pratyangira Devi is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati. She appeared when Shiva took the Sharaba Avatar to control the Narasimha Avatar of Vishnu.

Goddess Pratyangira is a female form of Narasimha and the tradition has it that she appeared to control both the Narasimha and Sharaba Avatars.

Kali Sahasranama Stotra refers to Pratyangira Devi as Narasimhika. Some other texts associate her with Bhairava form of Shiva.

Pratyangira Devi has the face of a lion. She has four arms. In Tantric worship, she is black in color and sometimes depicted as nude.

This form of Mother Goddess is beyond imagination. She takes this angry form to keep Adharma under check. She appears to restore dharma.

She is propitiated for protection.

Goddess Pratyangira an attempt by human mind to give form to the formless Supreme Truth – here the dominating aspect is of fear.

Sudama Setu (Bridge) to Connect Gomti Ghat and Panchkui Island in Dwarka in Gujarat

Panchkui is a small Island of the DwarkaCoast and is not currently easily accessible to devotees. The island is associated with the Pandavas in the Mahabharata as they are believed to have visited the place. Panchkui has five fresh water wells dedicated to the five Pandava brothers. Panch means five and kui means well. The proposed new hanging bridge which is 127 meter long and 11 ft wide will connected Gomti Ghat in Dwarka to Panchkui. Desh Gujarat Reports
Hanging bridge ‘Sudama setu’ will be constructed in 14-month period at an estimated cost of 9 crore. It will be 127 meter long and 11 ft wide. As per the state tourism department’s plan, the island will have facilities for meditation and yoga, besides recreation and picnic spot.

You yourself impose limitations on your true nature of infinite being – Shri Ramana Maharishi Thoughts

There is no cause for you to be miserable and unhappy. You yourself impose limitations on your true nature of infinite being and then weep that you are but a finite creature. There are no impediments to meditation. The very thought of such obstacles is the greatest impediment. The mind is only thoughts. It is a form of energy. It manifests itself as the world. When the mind sinks into the Self then the Self is realized; when the mind issues forth the world appears and the Self is not realized. A man is possessed of limited powers and is miserable; he wants to expand his powers so that he may be happy. But consider if it will be so; if with limited perceptions one is miserable, with extended perceptions the misery must increase proportionally.
Ramana Maharishi