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Mantra Chanted By Mata Sita to Get Lord Ram as Husband

There is a particular stanza in the Ramacharitmanas of Tulsidas Ji, chanted by Mata Sita to get Lord Ram as Husband. It is believed that those who are wishing to have a life partner of their desire should chant the particular mantra daily in the morning while performing prayers. A person who chants the mantra and follows Dharma will achieve the desired result. For a mantra to be effective, the physical and mental actions of the person should be pure. Mantra Chanted By Mata Sita in Ramcharitmanas तौ भगवानु सकल उर बासी। करिहि मोहि रघुबर कै दासी।। जेहि कें जेहि पर सत् ‍ य सनेहू। सो तेहि मिलइ न कछु संदेहू।। Tho Bhagavnu Sakal Ur Basi Karihi Mohi Raghubar Ke Dasi Jehi Kem Jehi Par Satya Snehu So Tehi Mili Na Kuch Samdeh The story behind the Mantra Mata Sita had wedded Lord Sri Ram in her mind. But Janaka, her father, had kept the condition that only a person who will lift the bow of Shiva in his palace and tie it will get the hand of Mata

What happens tomorrow is essentially created today with right kind of thought and actions – Sadhguru Thoughts

Tomorrow is the biggest demon in your life. Most of your life and energies are spent on a tomorrow that never comes in your experience of life. Tomorrow is an idea for which we must plan, but we can never live it. Whatever you need to do and experience in your life, you can only experience it today. You never experience tomorrow; it is just your imagination, and yesterday is only your memory. So exorcising this demon from your life is a spiritual process in that you begin to live your life, not just imagine your life. What happens tomorrow is essentially created today with the right kind of thought, emotions and actions. If you wish to do anything, whether it concerns your internal or external well-being, creating the necessary atmosphere is a must. Whether you want to run a business or lead a peaceful family life, maintain perfect health or a peaceful state of mind, unless you create the necessary atmosphere, there is no prospect of things happening well. A tomorrow does not fall upon