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Hari Gita in pdf – Download or Read Online For Free

Sri Hari Gita is a holy text associated with Sri Swaminarayan and is found in the chapters 32 to 36 of Satsangi Jeevan's 1st Prakaran. It is believed that these holy words were spoken by Sri Swaminarayan to His Mother. Bhujmandir website is providing a pdf version of the Hari Gita for free. The first chapter of Sri Hari Gita narrates about the behavior expected of a holy person. The next four chapters focus on four important subjects – namely dharm (righteousness), Bhakti (devotional love), gyaan (absolute knowledge) and vairagya (non attachment of the materialistic). LinkDownload Hari Gita in pdf Note – you will need pdf reader installed to read or download Hari Gita.

Alpa Dwadasi

Alpa Dwadasi is the term used in Hindu Panchangam to refer to a short Dwadasi tithi – 12th day of lunar fortnight. Alpa Dwadasi is important to those people who break the Ekadasi fasting on Dwadasi day.

Ekadasi fasting is observed on the 11th day of the Lunar fortnight and is dedicated to Vishnu. Most people observe fast from sunrise to next day morning sunrise. But there are people who exactly follow the start and end of Tithi.

Such people fast during Ekadasi Tithi and break the fast during Dwadasi Tithi. People who observe tithi time for fast should break the fast before Dwadasi gets over as Alpa Dwadasi is only for a short period.

What is the meaning of Alpa Dwadashi?

Man who thinks fate is directing him is brainless – Thoughts from Yoga Vasishta

Immutable, unchanging, consciousness is the reality and nothing else exists. One becomes bound by one’s own false thought and one is free when the false thought becomes extinct. Rid of the blemish of imagination and remaining in one’s own pure supreme state, like a water drop losing itself into the sea, the noble soul stripped of all vasanas and impressions become one with Reality. The contemplation of objects intensifies the bondage through it is unreal; with the desire for objects decreasing, the bondage in the world gets weakened. Tranquility, inquiry, contentment and wise company are the friends needed to open the door of liberation. One who says, ‘Fate is directing me to do this’ is brainless and the Goddess of fortune abandons him.
Yoga Vasishta