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Teachings of Sanatsujata in the Mahabharata

The learned are of the opinion that death results from ignorance. Ignorance is death and so, knowledge, the absence of ignorance, is immortality. The pursuit of Brahman or self knowledge is immortality. Swayed by pride, men walk in paths that are unrighteous. None among them succeeds in attaining his real nature. The natural inclination of man towards pursuits that are unreal is alone the cause of the senses being misled. The soul that is constantly affected by the pursuit of objects that are unreal, worships only earthly enjoyments that surround it. The desire for enjoyment first strikes a man. Lust and wrath soon follow behind. These three lead foolish men to death.
Sanatsujata is a Rishi that Vidura introduces to Dhrirashtra and this happens in the Vidhur Neeti Chapter