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Kannada Panchangam 2012 – 2013 – Download Nandana Nama Panchanga in pdf format for free

Kannada Panchangam 2012 – 2013 is provided by the Uttaradi Mutt and is known as the Nandana Nama Panchanga Samvatsara Kannada Surya Siddhanta Panchangam. This Kannada Panchangam begins on March 23, 2012 and ends on April 10, 2013. The Panchanga is in PDF format and it can be downloaded for free.

This particular Panchangam is useful for those people following the Kannada calendars. A month in this Panchangam is calculated from Pratipada after Amavasi (the day after no moon or new moon) to next Amavasi.

Download - The Panchangam can be downloaded in PDF format here at the official website of Uttaradi Mutt

Thanjavur Kannada Panchangam 2011 - 2012
Thanjavur Panchangam makers have also released the Kannada Panchanga online. The dates are as said above from April 2011 to March 2012. You can download it here.

Words of Wisdom from Vidur Neeti

A conscientious and intelligent person engages in ventures which are within his personal capacity physically and mentally. Neither does he aspire for ventures which are beyond his capacity nor does he consider any as of low order or beneath his dignity.

The person who does not go around advertising his talent and achievement is to be classed as learned.

He is considered to be learned if anger, pride and too much of joy does not affect his talent.

The truly learned does not open his lips about another’s affair without being specifically asked about it.

Who never loses himself in utter joy on the praise and affection bestowed upon him by others, does not get immersed in sorrow due to undue defamation by others; remains unmoved by either praise or defamation by other is to be taken as learned.

Read Vamana Purana Online in Hindi

Vamana Purana is one among the most important Puranas and it narrates the stories associated with Vamana incarnation of Vishnu, creation and also stories of Shiva. Vamana Purana in Hindi is provided by Ved Puran website. You can read it online in Hindi but there is no download option. The Vaman Puran is divided into two parts and there are 52 chapters in the first part and 40 chapters in the second part. LinkRead Vamana Purana in Hindi

Bissu Mela 2019 date – Bissu Fair at Santoora Devi Temple

Bissu Fair is observed is held at the famous SantooraDeviTemple near Kempty, 5 kms from Mussoorie in Uttarakhand in India. Bissu Mela 2019 date is April 12. The fair is observed for a week. It is celebrated to mark the harvesting season in the Jaunpur area near Mussoorie. The fair is held during the Shukla Paksha Saptami or the seventh day during waxing phase of moon in Chaitra month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India.

Santoora Devi is a manifestation of Goddess Durga worshipped in the Jaunpur region of Himalayas. People from adjacent villages trek to SantooraDeviTemple to celebrate the festival. The festivities begin with special offering to Maa Santoora Devi.

The festival reflects the cultural heritage and tradition of Jaunpur region. The fair held during the period is very famous in the region.

Swami Sunirmalananda Sayings

The education we receive in universities is adding more and more locks to the doors of our prison. We are getting more involved in this objective world, assuming it to be real, assuming that we shall reform it, modify it, better it, derive more happiness from it, and so on. We need positive education, and colleges cannot give us that. Vedanta can give us that education. Vedanta opens our eyes by giving us the ‘statement of facts’. It tells us the truth, shows us that we are being deceived by others, and leaves us to choose for ourselves what we think is best for us. To be mature means to know that the world is impermanent, and its so-called joys and pleasures too are impermanent. Right vision or the statement of facts is to know of things as they are. Most of us color things before even looking at them. We look at things through ‘our angle’ of vision — that is, we paint them using such colors as our ego, desires, ambitions, and so on. Swami Sunirmalananda

About a Child's Dominant Dosha – Ayurveda Mind and Body Type of a Kid

‘Parenting the Vedic Way’ is the title of an article written by Lissa Coffey at the Huffingtonpost. One might get carried away by the title thinking that it is about parenting. It is not about bring up child in the vedic way. The article is about the Dosha concept in the Ayurveda – to know more about the body type of kind through Ayurveda. By knowing to which dosha your child belongs, you will be better equipped to handle the child’s health problems. From the article
There are three doshas in Ayurveda: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. We each have all three of the doshas in our physiology, just in different proportions, so your dosha is unique and personal; it is like your fingerprint.
Kapha kids tend to be more solidly built. They're stockier and more resistant to illness. They love to eat and have a sweet tooth. You need to watch their diets so that they don't overeat. Kapha children are very caring. They'll be the first ones to give you a hug. They may be a little shy at first, …

Mansa Devi Mela 2019 – Chaitra Navratri Mela at Manasa Devi Temple

Mansa Devi Mela is an important annual festival and fair held during Chaitra Navrati at the famous ManasaDeviTemple near Panchkula in Haryana. Mansa Devi Mela is from April 6 to April 14, 2019. The most important dates of the Mela are from April 12, 2019 – Durga Ashtami day.

Goddess Mansa Devi is an important incarnation of Goddess Shakti and in this form she is very popular in the Himalayas.

Millions of devotees arrive at the MansaDeviTemple worship Mansa Devi during Chaitra Navratri.

The temple is open for the entire period on the 7th and 8th day of the Navratri festival. At other times, darshan is from 5 AM to 10 PM. Temporary accommodation is provided in tents during the period for devotees.

Swami Shankarananda Thoughts

All problems of mankind fall into two types. One which are materialistic whose solution are found in the material plane which are short lived; the second type which is spiritual in nature and the solution of this is of lasting and permanent nature. It is usually believed that the origin of our problems is in something external – a thing, a person or a situation which if remedied will solve the problem. This is not true. The main source of problem is within us. The cause of many problems originates within the individual, if that is taken care of, the external cause will not arise nor will they give rise to any problem. The root cause for all our internal problems is the ignorance of our true nature – The Self. Our true nature is nothing but an embodiment of joy and bliss. Swami Shankarananda
Source – Book - How To Live In Old Age by Swami Shankarananda

Gujarati Chaitra Month in 2019 - Chait Mahina in Traditional Hindu Calendar in Gujarat in 2019

Chaitra Mahina is the sixth month in a traditional Gujarati calendar followed in Gujarat, India. Chaitra month 2019 in Gujarati Calendar begins on  April 6 to May 4, 2019. As per Vikram Samvat calendar, the current year in Gujarati Calendar is the Vikram Year 2075. Some of the important festivals in the month are Chaitra Navratri, Ram Navami, Swaminarayan Jayanti and Hanuman Jayanti.

Sankashti Chaturthi monthly fasting dedicated to Lord Ganesh is on April 22, 2019 – Moonrise is at 10:10 PM – Indian standard time.
Ekadasi Fasting Dates in Gujarat Chaitra Maas Kamda Ekadasi – March 27 Varuthini Ekadasi – April 12
Shiva Pradosh Fasting Dates in Chaitra Month are: Pradosh – April 8 Pradosha – April 24

Chaitra Maas Sud Padavo and Vad Padavo – Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha Chaitra Month Sud Padavo in 2019 (Waxing phase of moon) is from April 6 to April 19. Chaitra Month 2019 Vad Padvo (Waning phase of moon) is from April 20 to May 4, 2019.

Poonam or Purnima or full moon day Gujarati Chaitra …

Bikhauti Mela and Vat Puja at Dwarahat in Uttarakhand

Bikhauti Mela and Vat Puja is a unique festival and fair observed on the Mesha Sankranti day at Dwarahat in Almora District in Uttarakhand. Bikhauti Mela and Vat Puja 2019 date is April 14. Dwarahat literally means the door to heaven. The place is noted for a cluster of 55 temples dedicated to various gods in Hindu Pantheon.

Bikhauti Mela and Vat Puja observed on Mesha Sankranti and Vaishakhi day attracts scores of people. The puja and rituals is sort of a thanksgiving to a famous victory the king of the region achieved.

Tukadoji Maharaj Jayanti - Birth Anniversary of Tukadoji Maharaj

Tukadoji Maharaj (1909 – 1968) was a great social reformer in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, who lived for the betterment of millions of Indians. Tukadoji Maharaj Jayanti is observed on April 30, 2019. His literary work, Gramageeta, gives ideas about the developments needed in villages and how to implement them for a better future of the country. The Jayanti, or birth anniversary, is annually held on April 30.

Tukdoji Maharaj worked tirelessly to bring about social and economic development in rural Maharashtra and this earned him the title Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj. He actively participated in the independence movement and was also jailed by the British. He initiated man social reform movements and struggled hard against blind faith, untouchability and superstition.

Apart from the Gramageeta, Tukadoji Maharaj also wrote thousands of devotional poems in Marathi. He continues to inspire millions of men and women in rural India.

Man Reaps What He Has Sown – Wise words from Srimad Bhagavatam

Do not entertain uncharitable thoughts towards others; for man reaps what he has sown; the pain he has inflicted on others returns to him in due course. Retaliation perpetuates the vicious circle of cause and effect – wholehearted worship of the Lord wipes out sorrow from your heart in an instant. (Suniti’s advice to Dhruva) Noble souls in this world bear no ill will at all towards their fellows. Ill will is an indication that one recognizes diversity, and diversity is born from wrong identification of the body with the self. (Vishnu advices King Pritu) God is realized by him whose mind is purified by duties performed unselfishly. (Vishnu to King Pritu) Of the four goals of life only liberation is of permanent value; righteousness, enjoyment of pleasure and acquisition of wealth are subject to termination. (Sanatkumara to Pritu)

Rig Veda Mantras in Audio Format - Listen to Rg Veda Chanting

It is believed that listening to Rig Veda mantras brings peace and prosperity. Vedavichara a website which is doing a systematic study of Vedas is provide the opportunity to listen to Rig Veda Mantras Online. You can listen to the recording of Vedas as per the Shakala Shaka followed in South India. Link - Listen to Rig Veda Chanting Online

Kannada Chaitra Masa 2019 – Chaitra Month in Traditional Hindu Calendar in Karnataka in 2019

Chaitra Masa, or Chaitra Month, is the first month in a traditional Kannada calendar followed in Karnataka. Chaitra Masa 2019 begins on April 6 to May 4, 2019. Virodhi nama Samvatsara (Saka year 1941) begins on the first day of the Chaitra month which is celebrated as Kannada New Year (Ugadi). Some of the important festivals and auspicious days include Ugadi, Chaitra Navratri, Soubhagya Gowri Vratam. Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti.

Sankatahara Chavithi monthly fasting dedicated to Ganesha is on April 22, 2019 – Moonrise is at 10:10 PM – Indian standard time.
Shiva Pradosham Fasting Dates in Kannada Chaitra Month are: Pradosh – April 17 Pradosha – May 2
Chaitra Masa 2019 Shukla and Krishna Paksha in Kannada Chaitra Month Chaitra Masa 2019 Shukla Paksha or bright phase of moon is from April 6 to April 19. Chaitra Masa 2019 Krishna Paksha or dark phase of moon is from April 20 to May 4, 2019.

Kannada Chaitra month Ekadasi dates are: Kamada Ekadasi – April 15 Varuthini Ekadasi – April 30
The …

Madhu Krishna Trayodashi March 2019 date

Madhu Krishna Trayodasi is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva. It is observed on the 13th day (Trayodashi) during the waning phase of the moon (Krishna Paksha) in the Phalgun or Falguna month as per calendars followed in Maharashtra. Madhu Krishna Trayodasi 2019 date is April 2.

On Madhukrishna Trayodashi some devotees undertake a partial fast. Some Hindu devotees opt for a complete fast. The day is mainly observed in western part of India by some Hindu communities.

The upvaas and fasting on the 13th day is usually dedicated to Shiva.

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Sayings and Thoughts – Sukhabodhananda

Often, we are unhappy not because life is causing unhappiness but because of our opinion of how life should be. We touch the earth using the physical foot, we touch life using the psychological foot. A life lived as a slave to mind is a life in hell. Trust that when one door closes, another opens. This optimistic outlook takes the worry out of the sight of a closed door. Sukhabodhananda

Hinduism and Environment – Traditional Hindu Views on the Environment

The core teaching of Hinduism is that everything is God. Everything should be revered. The smallest animal and tallest tree, to the longest river and mightiest mountain, the stars and planets – all are manifestations of the Supreme Truth. Therefore Hindus worship different aspects of environment. Traditional Hindu views on the environment ask people to consider Nature as Mother and protect her. But how many of us Hindus are really bothered about protecting nature? An article in the latest edition of Hinduism Today Magazine discusses the topic of Hinduism and Environment.
When it comes to traditional Hindu views on the environment, one statement for the Ishavasya Upanishad sums up the reverential attitude Hindus are urged to take. In English it reads, "The entire universe is to be looked upon as the Lord." That means that there is everything in existence is essentially, practically and metaphorically, connected together. Everything is seen as aspects of Divinity--humans, anima…

Hanuman Jayanti Vrat in 2019 – Fasting date

Hanuman Jayanti Vrat, also referred as Hanuman Jayanthi Upvaas, is dedicated to Hanuman and is performed on His birthday and also a day before it in some regions. In 2019, the date of Hanuman Jayanti Vrat is on April 18 in Maharashtra and other western parts of India. Hanuman Jayanthi is on April 19.

Hanuman Jayanti is observed on the Chaitra Purnima day (full moon day in the Hindu month of Chaitra). Hanuman Jayanti upvaas is a full day fast. Those who opt for partial fasting eat fruits or take a single meal. People read Hanuman Chalisa or chant Ram Nam on the day.

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Voluntary Service by Devotees at Tirupati Balaji Temple – Sri Vari Seva

Sri Vari Seva at TirupatiBalajiTemple is an opportunity for devotees to serve fellow pilgrims and participate in devout service at the temple. Pilgrims are free to choose the area of service according to their interest and aptitude. Both men and women between 18 to 62 years of age are permitted for service. Those interested may make spot registration at the cell functioning Inside RTC Bus stand at Tirumala. Groups consisting of not less than 10 members and ready to work for atleast one week may participate in the seva on prior intimation and they will be provided with free food and accommodation at Tirumala. Under the seva, pilgrims can offer their voluntary service in the following areas: 1. Annadanam 2. Queue Lines 3. Kalyana Katta 4. Gardens 5. Laddu Counters 6. Vaikuntam Queue Complexes 7. Free Bus 8. Pilgrims Amenities Complexes 9. Information Centers 10. Vigilance 11. Health 12. Central Reception Office (CRO) 13. Srivari Thirunamam 14. Bus Stops 15. Pushkarini 16. Pusthaka prasadam e…

Those who worship me with devotion are in me and I am also in them – Krishna in Gita

Whoever offers to Me with devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit, water, that I accept – offered by the pure-minded with devotion. Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer in sacrifice, whatever you give, whatever you practice in austerity, O Kaunteya, do it as an offering to Me. Thus shall you be free from bonds of actions which yield good and evil results; with the mind steadfast in the Yoga of renunciation. The same am I to all beings; to Me there is none hateful nor dear; but those who worship Me with devotion are in Me, and I am also in them. Bhagavad Gita IX – 26 - 29

Tukaram Bhajans in Marathi – Download Tukaram Poems in Audio Format in Marathi

Tukaram Abhangs are the devotional poems composed by Sri Tukaram Maharaj. Sant Tukaram is a 17th century saint-poet who is one of the greatest poets in Marathi language and one of the greatest saints of the Bhakti Cult in Maharashtra. Now you download some of the Tukaram Bhajans in Audio format.

A website dedicated to Sri Tukaram Maharaj is now providing the opportunity to download the abhangs of Sri Tukaram Maharaj.

You can download Sri Tukaram Abhang in Marathi here.
Tukaram's teachings are in the form of the Abhangas (dohas), which constitute the Gatha.

Sant Tukaram (1608-1649) was born in a devoted and highly religious family. He is famous for his Abhangas which, at a much later date, very much moved Mahadeva Govind Ranale. In his Abhangas, we find a spirit of absolute dedication to God.
Tukaram's teachings represented a fusion of Vedantism and the Bhakti cult. He was an exponent of theophilanthropy. Tukaram was a non-Brahmin and some of the fanatical Brahmins created trou…

Supermoon in Hindu Astrology

Today – September 28, 2015 – is Purnima or full moon day in Hindu calendar and Panchang and there is also a supermoon today. As per Hindu astrologers, this supermoon has no adverse effect. People should not be scared of the supermoon and it is an excellent opportunity to view the moon at such a lose distance. There is no effect on any Rashi or Nakshatra. As per many astrologers, the concept of supermoon is largely ignored in Hindu astrology.

Supermoon happens when the moon comes closest to earth. This phenomenon happens at regular intervals but today’s supermoon is the closest in 20 years.

The years of supermoon – 1955, 1970, 1992 and 2005 – have been unfortunately accompanied by natural disasters. This year too was no different with the huge earthquake and subsequent Tsunami in Japan.

Vetal Sashti

Vetal Sashti is observed during the Baishakh or Vaisakh month (April – May) in Jammu and Kashmir. Shashti or Shasti is the sixth day during a lunar fortnight. Vetal Sashti 2019 date is April 25. Vetals are subsidiary deities that are worshiped in many temples in the region.

Vetal is a spirit occupying the body of a dead human being or animal.

Vetal appears as characters in many folktales and stories associated with Hindu tradition. The most famous among is the stories of Vikram and Vetal.

The fairs and rituals on the day are associated with paying respects to Vetals. Vetal Sashti is observed during the Baishakh Krishna Paksha or waning phase of moon.

Holika Dahan Quotes from Bhavishya Purana

Sage Narada talks to Yudhishtira about the importance of Holika Dahan on Phalguna Purnima day. Oh Emperor! On phalgun Purnima day, people of your kingdom should be allowed to have fun and frolic without any fear. Boys should go out and gather dry sticks for Holika burning in an atmosphere of hearty laughter; hullabaloo and hymn chanting to destroy the demon. The effigy of evil Holika (Hiranyakashyap’s sister and Prahlad’s aunt) is burnt to annihilate all evil forces and to make a fresh beginning. ( Bhavishya Purana) Sri Sri Ravishankar Thoughts on Holika Dahan – Bonfire on the Previous Day of Holi Puranas are full of colorful illustrations and stories and there is a story related to Holi.
An asura king, Hiranyakashyapu, wanted everyone to worship him. But his son Prahlad was a devotee of Lord Narayana, the king’s sworn enemy. Angry, the king wanted Holika, his sister, to get rid of Prahlad. Empowered to withstand fire, Holika sat on a burning pyre holding Prahlad on her lap. But it w…

Book For Free Download – Blinded by Science – The Facts They Don’t Want Us To Know

Blinded by Science – The Facts They Don’t Want Us To Know is written by Matthew Silverstone and it provides amazing new ideas about so many unexplained phenomena, things that are talked about but not explained. You can download the book for free till April 30, 2011. The best thing about the book is that it makes you think. It makes you find your own answers to things that you never expected to figure out. The book just gets you started in discovering things that you had never considered before. You can download the book Blinded by Science here. From the flyer
You probably know that around the world there are people that hug trees. Of course most of us think that it is just a hippy thing. But there is a science behind it – a simple fact, everything vibrates in the universe, molecules, water, everything. Combining this fact with the amazing properties of water, which he explained is a chameleon, it changes its vibration all of the time. He suggested that as the human body is made up of 70%…

Anasuya Jayanti

Anasuya Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Anasuya, mother of Sage Dattatreya, Durvasa and Chandra. Anasuya Jayanti 2019 date is April 22. She was the wife of Sage Atri and is believed to have helped Rama, Sita and Lakshman during their exile.

Anasuya means one who is free from jealousy and envy. She is believed to have had miraculous powers.

Anasuya Jayanti is observed Krishna Paksha tritiya or the third day of the waning phase of moon in Vaisakh month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India.

Swami Ram Tirath Teachings

If you want to realize an object, if you want to get anything, do not hunt after the shadow. Touch your own head. Go within you. Realize this and you will see that the stars are your handiwork, you will see that all the objects of love, all the bewitching and fascinating things are simply your own reflection or shadow. Renunciation is from mind. We do not live where our bodies live. We live where our minds live. Solitude can be had at home or it cannot be had in remotest forest. If you deserve, you need not desire; the object of desire will be brought to you. If you make yourself worthy, help must come to you.
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Vrishabhadri or Vrishabhachala – The name of Tirumala Hills in Satya Yuga

The Tirumala Hill abode of the TirupatiBalajiTemple is as holy as Vaikunta, the abode of Vishnu. It is believed that Srihari Vishnu had brought the sacred hill to earth from Vaikunta. In different yugas, the Tirumala Hill is known by different names. It is known as Vrishabhadri or Vrishabhachala in Krita or Satya Yuga.

Krita or Satya Yuga is the first among the four yugas as per Hindu Tradition. It is the age of Truth.

Legend has it that during Krita Yuga, a demon named Vrishabha Sura captured the Tirumala Hill and started performing a gruesome penance. He used to cut his head and offer it with a flower to the Narasimha Avatar of Vishnu. His head would grow back again and he continued the same terrible austerity the next day. Fed up with this terrible tapas, holy men deserted the seven hills surrounding Tirumala.

Finally, Srihari Vishnu appeared before Vrishabhasura and asked him the reason for his austerity. The demon said that he wanted to fight Vishnu.

Vishnu agreed and a terribl…

Arattupuzha Pooram Live Online - Arattupuzha Temple Festival 2011 live

ArattupuzhaTemple has a history of more than 3000 years and is dedicated to Sastha.  The most important festival in the temple is the Arattupuzha Pooram. Kerala Tourism will be airing the final two days festivities live online on March 18, 2011 and March 19. The seven-day festival featuring special rituals, elephant pageantry, colorful processions and traditional percussion ensembles attract thousands of people. The temple is located in Thrissur District in Kerala. Arattupuzha Pooram festival is unique in many ways. It features the largest elephant pageantry among the temple festivals in the country. Also the 'devamela' or the divine gathering of deities held on the concluding day of the festival is attended by 23 deities. Arattupuzha Pooram Live Online is fro 6:00 p.m. on March 18, 2011 to 2:00 p.m. on March 19, 2011. You can watch the Pooram live here at Kerala Tourism website.

Size of Murti (or Idol) of Hindu God to be installed in Puja Room in Home

The murti of Hindu God that should be worshipped in home should be of small size. The general rule that is followed is that the height of the murti should not be of more than 22 cm. This rule is generally followed when murtis of Ganesh, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Krishna, Saraswati and Shivling is placed in puja rooms. The rule is strictly followed by Hindu homes in North India.

But when murtis of Ganesha, Saraswathi, Vishwakarma etc are used during pujas like Saraswati Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi Puja the size can be more than 22 cm. But it is always better to use small murtis even for temporary pujas.

Huge murtis are worshipped only in temples or in sacred places.

Hindu Devotional Songs on Online Radio – Listen for free

Online radio with free Hindu devotional songs is presented by the website wisdomspeak. You can listen to several popular devotional songs online for free. There is no download facility. The online radio functions 24X7. The website also has a bhajans album, Ardhana album and Hanuman chalisa. Link – Listen to Hindu Devotional Songs on Online Radio here

Sai Baba Utsav at Shirdi in Chaitra Month - Ramnavami Festival

Sai Baba Utsav observed in Chaitra Month attracts thousands of devotees to the SaibabaTemple at Shirdi. Sai Baba Utsav 2019 date is from April 13 to April 14. This festival coincides with the Ramnavami festival. The most important day during the festival is April 14, the Ram Navami day.

The three-day festival is observed from the Chaitra Ashtami day (eighth day of the waxing phase of moon in Chaitra Month) to the Chaitra Dasami day (tenth day of the waxing phase of moon in Chaitra Month).

Special pujas and programs are held during the three days. The festival also marks the end of the Chaitra Navratri.

Quotes from Thirukural on Love

One who has no love in his heart will try to possess everything for himself. One who has love in his heart is ready to sacrifice everything including his own body for the benefit of others. The ignorant say that love leads one to Dharma only; but love is a defense against evil too and love helps one to get out of vice also. The life of a man who has no love in his heart is as futile as the existence and flourishing of a withered tree in a barren land. The human body which is sustained by love is truly alive, where as the human body which is not sustained by love is mere assembly of bones covered with skin. Thirukural

Sayings and Quotes of Swami Ranganathananda

The perfect man is the truly free man. It is a tragedy the more advanced as a state the more insecure and unhappy are its people. You have money. Have it and enjoy it, but remember there are others who must also be made to share in that joy. It is the search for reality which is beyond the determinism of cause and effect, beyond the relativity of virtue and vice and of time and space. In that alone is true life, freedom, and happiness. The finite, the relative, and the conditioned cannot be the limit of man’s search for knowledge and happiness. Swami Ranganathananda

Tarashtami – Ashtami dedicated to Goddess Tara

Tarashtami is dedicated to Goddess Tara and is observed on the eighth day during the Chatira and Ashwin Navratri. Tarashtami 2019 date during Chaitra Navratri is on April 13. Goddess Tara is one among the numerous forms of Goddess Shakti.

Tarashtami is observed on the eighth day of the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in Chaitra and Ashwin month.

The day is popularly observed as Durga Ashtami.

Maa Tara is also the family deity of several families in North India. They conduct special pujas and rituals on the day.

Quotes from Rg Veda on Equality

There is none high or low amongst you. You are all brethren and therefore, strive all together to attain prosperity. (Rg Veda 50, 60, 5).

As, O God, Thou art for ever the common Lord of all alike, as such we invoke thee now. (Rig Veda 4, 32, 13)

All who can walk are equally entitled to the use of paths and roads. (Rig Veda 2, 13, 2)

Be united; speak in harmony; let your minds apprehend alike; common be your prayer; common be the end of your assembly; common be your resolution; common be your deliberations; unified be your hearts; common be your intentions; perfect be your unity. (Rig Veda 10, 191, 24)

Annapurna Parikrama

Annapurna Parikrama is observed during Chaitra and Ashwin Navratri in North India. Annapurna Parikrama during Chaitra Navratri is on April 13, 2019. For Ashwin Navratri, it is on October 6, 2019. The ritual is dedicated to Goddess Annapurna.

Annapurna Parikrama is observed on the Durga Ashtami day ( the eighth day during the waxing phase of moon) and is popular with certain Hindu communities in North India.

Basavanna Quotes

The human body is a basket
The mind is the snake
See how they live together
Anytime the snake may bit and kill you
But for the grace of Kudala Sangama (Shiva)

Do not rely on the presihable body,
It is like trying to fix an iron frame around a bubble of water,
Live and worship Kudala Sangama (Shiva).

What you call life,
Is a wind blown lamp,
What you call wealth,
Is a crowd in the market place which disperses,
And it is like the splendor of the moonlit night
which disappears with the dawn
The only thing that does not perish
Is Kudala Sangama’s grace.

Jwalamalini Devi – About Hindu Goddess Jwalamalinika Devi

Goddess Jwalamalini, or Jwalamalinika Devi, is one among the numerous incarnations of Goddess Shakti. She appeared to help Goddess Lalitha Devi in her fight against Bhandasura. Jwala means fire and thus Jwalamalini Devi is associated with purification. Greatness about this Devi is mentioned in the Brahmanda Purana.

Legend has it when the battle between Bhandasura and Goddess Lalitha Devi was going on, the army of Bhandasura once attacked the army of Goddess at night. Fighting after sunset is Adharma and is against the rules of battle. Goddess Lalitha Devi rescued her army.

To stop such tactics by Bhandasura in future, Goddess Lalitha Devi asked Jwalamalini Devi to create a wall of fire around Her army. The firewall helped in protecting the army of Goddess Lalitha Devi. Jwalamalini Devi controls the never-ending creation and destruction that is carried out in nature. She is the spark that creates and transforms one form to another.

Hindu God Ganesha Murti carved on Pencil Tip in 10 minutes

Sanjay Dayanand from Udupi in Karnataka in India has created a murti of Ganesha on a pencil tip. The murti is 2 millimeter in size and is carved on a pencil lead. Guinness Book of Records recently recognized this achievement. Daijiworld reports
Sanjay Dayanand, a resident of Kaadoor near Kokkarne in Udupi, had dreamt a great debut.  He chose to carve Ganapa on a chalk-piece initially one centimeter which earned him first prize in the school competitions.  He continued his hobby to carve out Ganapa in a tiny pencil lead.
It’s impossible task for a normal persons to concentrate on a tiny bit of pencil lead in order to carve a miniature figure.  It’s indeed a marvelous achievement to carve the figure of Ganapa just in 10 minutes.  The eye specialists say that it could only be achieved by someone with persistent efforts.

Sri Aurobindo on Highest Aim in the Bhagavad Gita

What is that real fact? The highest aim? This, that human life and death repeated through the immeasurably long period of time in the great cycles of the world are only a long progress by which the human being prepares and makes himself fit for immortality. By immortality is meant not the survival of death that is already given every living creature born with a mind – but the transcendence of life and death. It means that ascension by which man ceases to live as a mind-informed body and lives at last as a spirit and in the spirit.

Veda Adhyayana Kendra – Learn India’s Vedic Heritage

Veda Adhyayana Kendra is dedicated to spreading India’s Vedic Heritage and was founded by Dr. C. L. Prabhakar, a retired Sanskrit Professor, in 1994. It is located at Bangalore, India. Veda Adhyayana Kendra has got an online English publication section with monthly newsletters and journals – both contain valuable information of India’s Vedic Heritage. The Kendra imparts training in the recitation of the Veda mantras, Veda suktas and other mantras. The center also conducts lectures, homas and cultural festivities related to the Vedas, Astrology, Yoga, Religion, Music and Philosophy. Read monthly newsletter and journal of Veda Adhyayana Kendra – both are available online here. You can learn more about Veda Adhyayana Kendra here.

Teppotsavam at Tirupati Balaji Temple in 2019

Teppotsavam is boat festival held at TirupatiBalajiTemple. The processional deity of Lord Venkateswara in various guises seated on a boat takes ride in the holy waters of Swami Pushkarini for five days.  The annual Teppotsavam at Tirumala is scheduled to take place from March 17, 2019 to March 21.  Also known as ‘Boat Festival’ or ‘Float Festival’, it is one of the important annual festivals being performed in TirumalaBalajiTemple. It is celebrated for five consecutive days in the evenings at around 6pm with religious fervor.

The processional deities are taken in a boat (Teppam), in the temple tank, together with chanting of hymns and the playing of nadaswarams.

On the first day, the processional deity in the form of Sri Rama takes the boat ride along with Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman.

On the second day, Lord as Sri Krishna takes ride along with Goddess Rukmini.

On the last three days, Sri Malayappa Swami (Balaji) flanked by his two consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi move in the sacred wat…

Surya Shasti Vrat – Chaitra Mahina Surya Sashti

Surya Shasti is dedicated to Lord Surya (the Hindu sun god) and is observed on sixth day of the waxing phase on moon in Chaitra month (March – April). In 2019, the date of Surya Shasti is April 11. Vrat, pujas and rituals dedicated to Surya are performed on the day especially by certain Hindu communities in North India.

Some people fast on the day till sunset others till the pujas are concluded. Gayatri Mantra and other mantras dedicated to Surya are chanted on the day.

Please note that Surya Sashti is also observed in Bhadrapad month (August – September).

Vratas dedicated to Surya is observed on the Shasti (Sixth) and Saptami (Seventh) of lunar fortnight in different Hindu months.

On Faith and Belief – Swami Chidananda

Faith and belief are the twin wings, as it were, of the bird of your spirit. Faith and belief are the two legs that have to take you to your destination. Faith and belief are the left and right hands that can enable you to achieve anything, take up any task and do it. Faith and belief are like the two eyes that enable a person to see correctly, wholly, with the right perspective. Faith and belief are the indispensable twin factors that succeed in making you what you wish to become a person with deep faith, deep belief.

Padmapadan – Story of the Disciple of Adi Shankaracharya

Padmapadan was one of the most famous devotees of Adi Shankaracharya. He had written a famous commentary on the Brahmasutra Bhashya of Adi Shankara. Before becoming an ascetic, Padmapadan was a successful businessman. His name before becoming a sanyasi was Vishnusharman. Adi Shankaracharya had given him the name Sanandanan after he became a monk. There is an interesting story, which narrates how Sanandanan got the name Padmapadan. A few disciples thought that Adi Shankaracharya showed undue favouritism to Sanandanan. Adi Shankara was aware that some of his disciples were jealous of Sanandanan. Adi Shankaracharya once decided to show his disciples the depth of Gurubhakti and love that Sanandanan had. He invited his disciples to the bank of Ganga to learn Vedanta. During this time, Sanandanan was washing clothes on the other bank of Ganga. Adi Shankaracharya called him loudly and asked him to join in the Vedanta teaching. Sanandanan immediately started walking on Ganga. His mind was fully …

Jagannath Sadak – Retracing Orissa Trunk Road from Kolkata to Puri Jagannath Temple

Jagannath Sadak, also known as Orissa Trunk Road, was established in 1790. Pilgrims from Kolkata used to travel by foot through this route to reach the PuriJagannathTemple. With the arrival of Railways in India, the road route was abandoned. To rekindle the memory of the old journey, a group of Hindu devotees recently undertook the yatra on foot through the Jagannath Sadak – the journey called Sri Sri Jagannath Sadak Sagada Yatra will cover a distance of 484 kilometers between Puri and Kolkata.
Daily India Reports
Anil Dhir, a Hindu devotee said: "It is an initiative to revive the lost glory of a very old road which used to connect Kolkata with Puri. This road was the lifeline for all the pilgrims who would visit the holy abode at Jagannath around the year and especially for the Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath and was established way back in 1790."
"The road has a very rich history, but with the advent of the Railways in 1898, when the first train left from Howrah to Puri, …

Nag Vrat in Chaitra Month – Nag Panchami in Chait Mahina

Nag Vrat and Nag Panchami in Chaitra Month or Chait Mahina (March – April) is mainly observed in North India. Nag Vrat 2019 date in Chaitra Month is April 10. It is observed on the third day of the Shukla Paksha or waxing phase of moon in Chaitra Mahina. The day is dedicated to worship of Snakes.

Special pujas, vrat and rituals dedicated to Nag or serpents are performed on the day.

Please note that the most famous Nag Panchami is observed in Shravan Month (July – August).

Subhashitam – Wise words to ponder

Listen to good words, even from a child. Wherever there are these six – industriousness, courage, fortitude, intelligence, strength and achievements, there divine co-operation is present. The company of the noble is more pleasant than the moon and the sandal paste. A slap of the hand from an enemy will not hurt, but the angry touch even with a flower from a friend will wound.

There is no joy in the finite – there is only joy in the Infinite – Upanishads

As a great fish swims between the banks of a river as it likes, so does the shining Self move between the states of dreaming and waking. As an eagle, weary after soaring in the sky, folds its wings and flies down to rest in its nest, so does the shining Self enter the state of dreamless sleep, where one is free from all desires. The Self is free from desire, free from evil, free from fear… Like strangers in an unfamiliar country walking everyday over a buried treasure, day by day we enter that Self while in deep sleep but never know it, carried away by what is false. Day and night cannot cross that bridge, nor old age, nor death, nor grief, nor evil or good deeds. All evils turn back there, unable to cross; evil comes not into this world of Brahman. One who crosses by this bridge, if blind, is blind no more; if hurt, ceases to be hurt; if in sorrow, ceases sorrowing. At this boundary night itself becomes day: night comes not into the world of Reality. There is no joy in the finite; there …

Quotes on Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Without studying Ramakrishna Paramahamsa first, one can never understand the real import of the Vedas, the Vedanta, of the Bhagavata and the other Puranas. His life is a searchlight of infinite power thrown upon the whole mass of Indian religious thought. He was the living commentary to the Vedas and to their aim. He had lived in one life the whole cycle of national religious existence in India.’ – Swami Vivekananda

His [Sri Ramakrishna’s] life enables us to see God face to face. No one can read the story of his life without being convinced that God alone is real and that all else is an illusion.’ – Mahatma Gandhi

This celebration of religious diversity – alongside of toleration and pluralism – remained prominent in India during the nineteenth century, thanks primarily to the great contributions of the Hindu saints Swami Ramakrishna and Vivekananda. Fully to understand and taste the beauty of other faith traditions, it is said, Ramakrishna even engaged in deeds that may have been quit…

Jhulelal Jayanti

Jhulelal is worshipped by the Sindhi community and is associated with Varuna, the Sea God in Hinduism. Jhulelal Jayanti 2019 date is April 7. Jhulelal Jayanti is believed to be the day when Jhulelal appeared on earth. It is observed on the second day of the Shukla Paksha of Chait month (March – April) and is popularly known as Cheti Chand.

It is believed that Jhulelal appeared on earth after the Sindhis prayed to Varuna, the sea god, to save them from the hands of a tyrant who wanted them to convert to Islam or face death.

It is said that after his birth numerous miracles happened and the Sindhis got the courage to face the tyrant. Apart from prayers, rituals and celebrations, numerous other programs including philanthropic and welfare are organized by Sindhi community on the day.

Sansar Padwa 2019 date in Goa

Sansar Padwa is the Hindu New Year observed in Goa. It is observed on the first day of the Chaitra Month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in Goa. Sansar Padwa 2019 date is April 6. The day is also popularly known as Gudi Padwa.

The day is considered to be one of the most auspicious days to start new ventures and perform auspicious ceremonies like house warming.

Shigmo festival observed in some parts of Goa concludes on the day.

Another ritual on the day is the Dinya Jatra. In this ritual unmarried youth from the Velip community carry a stick of dino decorated with flowers around the village.

Gudi flags are also raised on the day in many houses.

Gudi Padwa 2019 in Maharashtra

Ashwaruda Devi – About Hindu Goddess Aswaruda Devi

Ashwaruda Devi is one among the numerous incarnations of Goddess Shakthi. She made her appearance when Goddess Lalita Devi was fighting Demon Bhandasura. The greatness about Aswaruda Devi is found mainly in Brahmanda Purana. It is believed that Aswaruda Devi appeared from the Pasham, or rope, of Goddess Lalitha Devi. She sat on a horse named Aparajitham and led a horse troupe in the battle against Bhandasura. The Devi is depicted as having four hands. She holds in her hands pasham (noose or rope), ankusham (goad), small whip and reins of horses. Symbolically, this goddess represents the one who controls the mind that moves fast like a horse in all directions. She is propitiated for gaining control of mind.

Gautam Rishi Jayanti

Gautam Rishi Jayanti is believed to be the birth anniversary of Saint Gautama. It is observed on the first day of the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India. Gautam Rishi Jayanti 2019 date is April 6.

Gautama Rishi is one of the saptarishis or seven sages as per Anusasana Parva of the Mahabharata.

One of the most popular incidents mentioned in the Puranas associated with Gautama Rishi is of Indra, the king of Devas, trying to rob the chastity of Gautama Rishi’s wife Anasuya and the subsequent curse that the saint gave to Indra.

The Rishi is credited with Gautama Dharma Sutra, a law book.

Burning of Demons during Bali Hindu New Year – Ogoh Ogoh Ceremony during Nyepi

The second day of Nyepi celebrations in Bali in Indonesia is known as Tawur Kesanga or burning of huge demons known as Ogoh-Ogoh. This ceremony is on March 16, 2018. Nyepi, the Balinese Hindu New Year, is on March 17. On the Tawur Kesanga day, evil or Bhuta Kala is burnt. Huge demons are made using paper, bamboo and other inflammable materials. These huge demons are known as Ogoh-ogoh and they represent the evil.

In a carnival atmosphere in the evening, Ogoh-ogoh is burnt in the street corner. It is a sort of warding off the evil and also a cleansing ceremony.

This ceremony is similar to burning of Holika or Holika Dahan before Holi in India. In India there is no fanfare and creative demons.

The Ogoh Ogoh ceremony attracts thousands of people. Symbolically, it represents the burning of all evil, hatred, jealousy and all that is inauspicious before the New Year which falls on the next day.

Top 5 Tallest Shiva Murtis (Statues or Idols) in the World

Hindu God Shiva the formless Brahman made his appearance in the form of Lingodabhavamurti – a pillar of fire with no beginning and end – on Mahashivaratri night. Devotees of Shiva around the world have created some huge murtis of Shiva as an offering to the Supreme Truth. Here are the Top five tallest Shiva murtis (Statues or Idols) in the world. Shiva Kailash Nath Mahadev at Sanga in Nepal – 143 feet (45 meter) (read more about Shiva at Sanga). This is currently the tallest murti of any Hindu God and it was inaugurated in 2010. Shiva at Murudeshwara in Karnataka in India – 122 feet (37 meter). This was inaugurated in 2006.
Shiva as Mangal Mahadev in Ganga Talao in Mauritius– 108 feet (33 meter). This was inaugurated in 2007. Shiva of the Har-ki-Pauri at Haridwar in Uttarakhand in India – 100 feet (30.5 meter) Shiva at Kemp fort in Bangalore in Karnataka in India – 65.5 feet (20 meter)

Quiz on Hindu God Shiva

This is a quiz based on Hindu God Shiva. Majority of the questions are from Puranas and Hindu stories. The quiz might not be simple like the earlier ones. The main aim of it is to introduce the reader to different aspects of Shiva in the Puranas and to make the reader find out more about Mahadev.

You can take the quiz below –

Please note that the quiz is an embedded file and is hosted on another website.

If there are any corrections please post it on the comment section or send it on the email address – hindublog @

Maa Kamra Jayanti – Goddess Kmra

Maa Kamra is the patron deity of the Sahu Samaj in India. Maa Kamra Jayanti celebrates the day when she appeared on earth. Maa Kamra Jayanti 2019 date is March 31.

The popular belief is that she was born on earth on the 11th day of Chaitra month – Chatira Gyaras – Krishna Paksha Ekadasi in Chaitra month or waning phase of moon in Chait month.

Numerous programs are observed on the day by the Sahu Samaj including mass marriages, processions, charity, free food and cloth distribution etc.

Mahashivratri Messages

Shiva means your very self, the purest Self, your innermost core. Shiva means good or benevolent. The word ratri in Sanskrit means that which relieves you from three types of agony – ethereal, mental and material. At night everything becomes quiet and peaceful. The body gets tired and goes to sleep. ‘Shivaratri’ literally means that night which infuses the Shiva tatva or the transcendental principle to the three instruments: the body, mind and speech. – Sri Sri Ravishankar Shivarathri is a celebration to not only awaken your inner space, but to radiate and express that tremendous potential energy which is inside all of us. To awaken that higher consciousness and live like Shiva! Shiva is that causeless auspicious form, whose inner space is completely awake and is living in Light and radiating this energy. - Unknown
Shivratri Thoughts and Messages - Swami Chidananda Saraswati
Religious importance of not sleeping at night during Shivaratri
Thoughts on Shivratri by Shankaracharya of K…

Story of Hanuman as the Brother of Sri Ram

There are numerous stories in Hindu tradition that talks about the birth of Hanuman. One such story suggests that Hanuman is the brother of Sri Ram. Legend has it that an Apasara Woman – a heavenly being – was once cursed by Brahma to be born as a hawk on earth. She pleaded for forgiveness and Brahma said that in Treta Yuga you will get a portion of sweet dish prepared in a yagna but you will not be able to eat it, when this incident happens you will be relieved of the curse. In Treta Yuga as per Ramayana, Dasharatha conducted Putrakameshti Yajna to beget sons. The sweet dish that he received from the yajna was distributed among his wives – Koushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra. When Kaikeyi was about to eat her share, a hawk snatched a portion of it and flew up into the sky. As it was very hot, the hawk could not consume it and it fell from her beak. The sweet dish fell into the hands of Anjana who was meditating on Shiva to beget a son. She ate the sweet and later became pregnant and gave bi…