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Voluntary Service by Devotees at Tirupati Balaji Temple – Sri Vari Seva

Sri Vari Seva at TirupatiBalajiTemple is an opportunity for devotees to serve fellow pilgrims and participate in devout service at the temple. Pilgrims are free to choose the area of service according to their interest and aptitude. Both men and women between 18 to 62 years of age are permitted for service. Those interested may make spot registration at the cell functioning Inside RTC Bus stand at Tirumala. Groups consisting of not less than 10 members and ready to work for atleast one week may participate in the seva on prior intimation and they will be provided with free food and accommodation at Tirumala. Under the seva, pilgrims can offer their voluntary service in the following areas: 1. Annadanam 2. Queue Lines 3. Kalyana Katta 4. Gardens 5. Laddu Counters 6. Vaikuntam Queue Complexes 7. Free Bus 8. Pilgrims Amenities Complexes 9. Information Centers 10. Vigilance 11. Health 12. Central Reception Office (CRO) 13. Srivari Thirunamam 14. Bus Stops 15. Pushkarini 16. Pusthaka prasadam e…

Those who worship me with devotion are in me and I am also in them – Krishna in Gita

Whoever offers to Me with devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit, water, that I accept – offered by the pure-minded with devotion. Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer in sacrifice, whatever you give, whatever you practice in austerity, O Kaunteya, do it as an offering to Me. Thus shall you be free from bonds of actions which yield good and evil results; with the mind steadfast in the Yoga of renunciation. The same am I to all beings; to Me there is none hateful nor dear; but those who worship Me with devotion are in Me, and I am also in them. Bhagavad Gita IX – 26 - 29