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Holi Wishes – Sayings and Thoughts

As we play Holi… let us also pray that our “eye” may become holy, that we may be granted the divine vision by which we behold Him in all whom we see. Let us pray that through our holy eye, we never are led toward anger, greed, lust or jealousy. Let this holi be a time when we change not only the color of our faces, but the color of our hearts. (Swami Chidanand Saraswati) Like Holi, life should be colorful, not boring. When each color is seen clearly, it is colorful. When all the colors get mixed, you end up with black. So also in life, we play different roles. Each role and emotion needs to be clearly defined. Emotional confusion creates problems. When you are a father, you have to play the part of a father. You can’t be a father at office. When you mix the roles in your life, you start making mistakes. Whatever role you play in life, give yourself fully to it. Harmony in diversity makes life vibrant, joyful and more colorful. – (Sri Sri Ravishankar) Holi also means ‘sacrifice’. Burn all …