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Jwalamalini Devi – About Hindu Goddess Jwalamalinika Devi

Goddess Jwalamalini, or Jwalamalinika Devi, is one among the numerous incarnations of Goddess Shakti. She appeared to help Goddess Lalitha Devi in her fight against Bhandasura. Jwala means fire and thus Jwalamalini Devi is associated with purification. Greatness about this Devi is mentioned in the Brahmanda Purana.

Legend has it when the battle between Bhandasura and Goddess Lalitha Devi was going on, the army of Bhandasura once attacked the army of Goddess at night. Fighting after sunset is Adharma and is against the rules of battle. Goddess Lalitha Devi rescued her army.

To stop such tactics by Bhandasura in future, Goddess Lalitha Devi asked Jwalamalini Devi to create a wall of fire around Her army. The firewall helped in protecting the army of Goddess Lalitha Devi. Jwalamalini Devi controls the never-ending creation and destruction that is carried out in nature. She is the spark that creates and transforms one form to another.

Hindu God Ganesha Murti carved on Pencil Tip in 10 minutes

Sanjay Dayanand from Udupi in Karnataka in India has created a murti of Ganesha on a pencil tip. The murti is 2 millimeter in size and is carved on a pencil lead. Guinness Book of Records recently recognized this achievement. Daijiworld reports
Sanjay Dayanand, a resident of Kaadoor near Kokkarne in Udupi, had dreamt a great debut.  He chose to carve Ganapa on a chalk-piece initially one centimeter which earned him first prize in the school competitions.  He continued his hobby to carve out Ganapa in a tiny pencil lead.
It’s impossible task for a normal persons to concentrate on a tiny bit of pencil lead in order to carve a miniature figure.  It’s indeed a marvelous achievement to carve the figure of Ganapa just in 10 minutes.  The eye specialists say that it could only be achieved by someone with persistent efforts.

Bhanu Saptami in April 2011

Bhanu Saptami is an auspicious day dedicated to Surya – the sun god in Hinduism. Bhanu Saptami in April 2011 are on April 10 and April  24. It is observed when Saptami or the seventh day during a lunar fortnight falls on a Sunday or Ravivar. Bhanu is one among the numerous names of Lord Surya – hence the name Bhanusaptami. Ravivar or Sunday in Hinduism is dedicated to Surya. Some people believe that Surya appeared on a Bhanu Saptami day and therefore it is traditionally believed to be the day when for the first time Sun God made his appearance. Special prayers and rituals are held on the day in temples dedicated to Surya. The day is known by numerous names like Vivaswat Saptami and is observed at different times in a calendar year by different Hindu communities.

Sri Aurobindo on Highest Aim in the Bhagavad Gita

What is that real fact? The highest aim? This, that human life and death repeated through the immeasurably long period of time in the great cycles of the world are only a long progress by which the human being prepares and makes himself fit for immortality. By immortality is meant not the survival of death that is already given every living creature born with a mind – but the transcendence of life and death. It means that ascension by which man ceases to live as a mind-informed body and lives at last as a spirit and in the spirit.