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Showing posts from March 10, 2011

Veda Adhyayana Kendra – Learn India’s Vedic Heritage

Veda Adhyayana Kendra is dedicated to spreading India ’s Vedic Heritage and was founded by Dr. C. L. Prabhakar, a retired Sanskrit Professor, in 1994. It is located at Bangalore , India . Veda Adhyayana Kendra has got an online English publication section with monthly newsletters and journals – both contain valuable information of India ’s Vedic Heritage. The Kendra imparts training in the recitation of the Veda mantras, Veda suktas and other mantras. The center also conducts lectures, homas and cultural festivities related to the Vedas, Astrology, Yoga, Religion, Music and Philosophy. Read monthly newsletter and journal of Veda Adhyayana Kendra – both are available online here. You can learn more about Veda Adhyayana Kendra here.

Surya Shasti Vrat – Chaitra Mahina Surya Sashti

Surya Shashti is dedicated to Lord Surya (the Hindu sun god) and is observed on sixth day of the waxing phase on moon in Chaitra month (March – April). In 2024, the date of Surya Shashti is April 14. Vrat, pujas and rituals dedicated to Surya are performed on the day especially by certain Hindu communities in North India . Some people fast on the day till sunset others till the pujas are concluded. Gayatri Mantra and other mantras dedicated to Surya are chanted on the day. Please note that Surya Sashti is also observed in Bhadrapad month (August – September). Vratas dedicated to Surya is observed on the Shasti (Sixth) and Saptami (Seventh) of lunar fortnight in different Hindu months.