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Online Course on Bhaja Govindam – Translation and Interpretation

Bhaja Govindam, composed by Adi Shankaracharya, is a very popular literary work on Vedanta. The 31 stanza poem in Sanskrit is more than a devotional composition. Each word in Bhaja Govindam is pregnant with meaning and the composition is a sort of short synopsis of the teachings of Santana Dharma. Now you can study Bhaja Govindam online with translation, interpretation and audio. This online course is free and is part of the E-shiksha module of Vedanta Vision. Vedanta Vision is dedicated to the dissemination of Vedanta, Indian philosophy - the oldest management school in the world. Jaya Row is the founder of Vedanta Vision and Founder - Managing Trustee of Vedanta Trust.   The Bhaja Govindam course is part of the Vedanata Basic course created by Vedanta Vision. You can know find the Bhaja Govindam course here at the official website of Vedanta Vision.

There is no joy in the finite – there is only joy in the Infinite – Upanishads

As a great fish swims between the banks of a river as it likes, so does the shining Self move between the states of dreaming and waking. As an eagle, weary after soaring in the sky, folds its wings and flies down to rest in its nest, so does the shining Self enter the state of dreamless sleep, where one is free from all desires. The Self is free from desire, free from evil, free from fear… Like strangers in an unfamiliar country walking everyday over a buried treasure, day by day we enter that Self while in deep sleep but never know it, carried away by what is false. Day and night cannot cross that bridge, nor old age, nor death, nor grief, nor evil or good deeds. All evils turn back there, unable to cross; evil comes not into this world of Brahman. One who crosses by this bridge, if blind, is blind no more; if hurt, ceases to be hurt; if in sorrow, ceases sorrowing. At this boundary night itself becomes day: night comes not into the world of Reality. There is no joy in the finite; there …