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Story of Hanuman as the Brother of Sri Ram

There are numerous stories in Hindu tradition that talks about the birth of Hanuman. One such story suggests that Hanuman is the brother of Sri Ram. Legend has it that an Apasara Woman – a heavenly being – was once cursed by Brahma to be born as a hawk on earth. She pleaded for forgiveness and Brahma said that in Treta Yuga you will get a portion of sweet dish prepared in a yagna but you will not be able to eat it, when this incident happens you will be relieved of the curse. In Treta Yuga as per Ramayana, Dasharatha conducted Putrakameshti Yajna to beget sons. The sweet dish that he received from the yajna was distributed among his wives – Koushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra. When Kaikeyi was about to eat her share, a hawk snatched a portion of it and flew up into the sky. As it was very hot, the hawk could not consume it and it fell from her beak. The sweet dish fell into the hands of Anjana who was meditating on Shiva to beget a son. She ate the sweet and later became pregnant and gave bi…