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The Easiest Path to Moksha is Bhakti – Says Sage Kapila in Bhagavad Purana

Devahuti, the mother of Sage Kapila wanted to know how ignorant woman like her, who has not studied the Vedas or read any scripture attain Moksha or reach Narayana.The immediate answer of Sage Kapila was ‘Bhakti.’Whether it be the senses which are involved in the world of objects: whether it be mind which is involved in the daily duties and actions dictated by the Vedas: the only path which will free both of these from the particular fields in which they are engaged is a sincere and spontaneous desire for the attainment of Moksha. This desire will be granted by an effortless devotion of Narayana.This devotion will burn away the bondage of ‘Karma’ and the bondage created by the senses like the fire in the body burns up the food which is eaten. Bhakti will not only grant you oneness with Narayana, but it will also free you from the world of objects. Mukti, release, will follow as a matter of course when you become a pilgrim in the path of Bhakti. You may also like to readSage Kapila Tea…