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Visiting Hinglaj Mata Temple in Pakistan

Goddess Hinglaj Ma is an incarnation of Goddess Shakti. The popular belief is that when Lord Vishnu cut the body of Goddess Sati to stop Shiva’s lament after Sati’s death which was unsettling the universe; part of her head fell at Hinglaj or Hingula. Thus this is one among the 51 Shaktipeeths. The deity takes her name from the mountain cave Hinglaj on the Makran coast in the Lyari District of Balochistan in Pakistan.VisitingHinglajMataTemple is a must for Hindus from Kutch in Gujarat. But with strain in relationship between Pakistan and India, Kutchhi Hindus have stopped visiting the temple. Now a group of Kutchhis have again started the pilgrimage to HinglajMataTemple, which is located 280 km from Karachi.Times of India writes about the visit to Hinglaj Mata Temple in PakistanFor any Kutchhi Hindu, a visit to HinglajTemple is the ultimate pilgrimage. In ancient times, a person who returned safely after completing the trip then the temple was located in a dense forest was not cremate…

Dada J P Vaswani Quotes

Peace has three dimensions. Peace within ourselves, peace among nations and peace with nature. Many people ‘React’ and then ‘Regret’…Learn therefore to Reflect and then Respond.Problems and challenges are not a dead end; they are only a bend in the road. Problems are not stumbling blocks; they are stepping stones to a better, richer, more radiant life.Neither rites nor rituals, neither creeds nor ceremonies are needed to improve the condition of the world. All that is needed is to love one another.Life is too short to be spent in fault-finding, holding grudges, or keeping memory of wrongs done to us. Forgive even before forgiveness is asked. Forgive and forget.Dada J P Vaswani