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Shashthi Devi – Hindu Goddess Sashti

Goddess Shashthi is a female deity propitiated for the wellbeing of the new born baby and the mother. This Hindu goddess is worshipped on the sixth day and therefore she is known as Sashti Devi or Goddess Shasti. The popular belief is that this Goddess injures new born infants and mothers on sixth day after their mother.Sasti is the Hindu name for the sixth day of a lunar fortnight.Goddess Sashti is propitiated on the sixth day by devotees especially by mothers of new born babies and her friends, neighbors and relatives. The offerings made in each region vary.In some regions, she is worshipped only on the sixth day of the Shukla Paksha of Jyeshta month. Science has discovered that infants and their mothers catch certain types of diseases on the sixth day after birth. Some scholars are of the view that this is the reason for the origin of the dreaded Goddess Sashti.Please note that in South India, Sashti fasting is dedicated to Lord Muruga or Kartikeya, the son of Shiva and Parvati. T…

Visa Hanuman Temple in Ahmedabad

Hanuman Temples at Khadia and Neb Sarai in Ahmedabad in Gujarat is believed to help in getting Visas. So how does Hindu Temples get the Visa tag? A few devotees pray for a particular wish at a temple and when those wishes are fulfilled; word spreads and devotees throng these temples. Annually, thousands of Indians apply for migration Visas and then proceed to temples which they believe will help in an early Visa approval. 400-year-old VisaHanumanTemple in Ahmedabad is one such temple and another new temple that is receiving lot of Visa devotees is the seven-month old Chamatakarik Shree Hanuman Ji Ka Mandir in Neb Sarai.The famous 400-year-old VisaHanumanTemple in Ahmedabad is located at Desai Ni Pol in KhadiaHindustan Times reports about the New Visa Hanuman Temple in AhmedabadIn the serpentine, narrow lanes of Neb Sarai, the god resides especially to aid the visa applicants: or so the devotees believe. Supposedly modelled on the 400-year-old ‘Visa Hanuman’ temple in Ahmedabad, the Ch…

What is Maya or Ignorance? – From Advaita Bodha Deepika

Disciple: What is this ignorance?Master: Listen. In the body appears a phantom, the ‘false-I’, to claim the body for itself and it is called jiva. This jiva always outward bent, taking the world to be real and himself to be the doer and experiencer of pleasures and pains, desirous of this and that, undiscriminating, not once remembering his true nature, nor enquiring “Who am I?, What is this world?”, is but wandering in the samsara without knowing himself. Such forgetfulness of the Self is Ignorance.Disciple: All the shastras proclaim that this samsara is the handiwork of Maya but you say it is of Ignorance. How are the two statements to be reconciled?Master: This Ignorance is called by different names such as Maya, Pradhana, Avyakta (the unmanifest), Avidya, Nature, Darkness and so on. Therefore the samsara is but the result of Ignorance.Advaita Bodha Deepika