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Understanding Karma

In Hindu religion and philosophy, Karma is of great importance. It is the law of the divine – according to Karma philosophy the future of an individual’s mode of existence depends on the good or bad actions he/she has performed. The actions that you have performed in the past and the present will follow you and it will play an important role in your future life.The law of karma also states that the actions performed in previous births play a crucial role in the future births.In simple terms, every action has a fruit. Depending on the nature of the action the fruit can be sweet or sour. Sometimes the fruit is delivered immediately, sometimes in future. The strength of the sweetness or sourness depends on the action that produced the fruit. The primary aim of the doctrine of Karma is to teach an individual the importance of good actions and through which one can attain moksha or bliss on earth.Derived from the Sanskrit word karman, meaning ‘to act,’ the term karma finds its elaborate us…

Triloknath Ashtami

Trilokhnathashtami is a unique ritual observed in temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Triloknath Ashtami 2018 date is May 8. Hindu God Shiva is worshipped as Trilokhanth in many temples. In this form he is lord of the three worlds.

Triloknath Ashtami is observed on the eighth day during the Krishna Paksha (waning phase of moon) of Jyeshta month. Special pujas and rituals dedicated to Trilokhnath are observed on the day.