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Dhruv – the Story of Pole Star in Hindu Religion

Dhruv Nakshatra, or Dhruva Nakshatram, is the name of the pole star in Hindu Religion. The origin of Dhruv star is narrated through an interesting story in the Bhagavad Purana. Dhruv was the son of King Uttanapada and Suneeti. The king also had another wife named Suruchi and she had a son named Utham.
The King had a special attachment for Suruchi and the queen decided to take advantage of this to make Utham, her son, the next king. But the next in line to the throne was Dhruv.
Once the young Dhruv saw his younger brother Utham sitting on the lap of his father, now he also wanted to sit on the lap of his father. But when he ran to his father, Suruchi rebuked him and asked him to go to God and ask him to let you sit on his lap.
The king felt sad but remained quiet for not wanting to hurt Suruchi. Dhruv was a determined child and he immediately went in search of God. He walked away from the palace and passed through numerous places but no one could guide him to God. Finally, he met Sain…

Hurang or Hurdang Holi in Mathura and Vrindavan

Hurang or Hurdang Holi celebration is dedicated to Balram, or Baldev, the elder brother of Lord Krishna. It is observed in and around BaldevTown, around 20 km from Mathura. The temple dedicated to Balaram here is known as Dauji Ka Mandir. Thandai, a cool drink mixed with Bhang, is lavishly served during the period and this intoxicates the Holi participants here.
Hurang is observed for two days during Holi period. The Baldev town turns into a carnival of music, rasia competitions and folk dances during the period. People go around splashing colors from pichkaris or mini water cannons from dawn to dusk. Thousands of Krishna devotees arrive at the town to observe the festival.
The colors for the festival are prepared from Tesu flowers in a huge tank in the premise of the BaldevTemple. Traditional musical instruments are used create music during the period. But the highlight of the festival is the activities of people under the influence of bhang. You may also like to read Lathmar Holi i…

Make Holi Colours at Home – Prepare Natural Holi Colors

Natural Holi colors are those made using natural products like flowers, herbs, leaves, barks, roots etc. And the best part is that these natural colors for Holi can be prepared at home. Preparing the colors with children and friends at home in itself is a fun way to start the preparation for Holi festival. But the greatest advantage is that by preparing the gulal at home you can escape from the hazards created by dangerous chemical colors. Deccan Herald writes about making Natural Colors which was earlier published in the Amruth Magazine March, 09 issue. Green Dry Colour For a pretty green shade, use mehendi/henna powder mixed with equal quantity of gram flour or green gram flour. Buy only pure mehendi and avoid one mixed with amla which is meant for colouring hair. Dry mehendi will not leave harmful colour on your face and can be easily washed off, which is another advantage. 
Green Water Colour To make your wet colour: mix two teaspoons of mehendi in one litre of water. Stir nicely. …

Chaitanya Jayanti – Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Jayanthi

Chaitanya Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and it is popularly observed as Gaura Purnima. Chaitanya Jayanti 2018 date is March 1. Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu appeared on the full moon night of Phalgun month in Mayapur India about 600 years ago. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu spread the message of Lord Krishna – he suggested the easiest way to connect with the Lord – just chant Hare Krishna.

Lord Chaitanya taught the philosophy that through the chanting of the holy name of the Lord leads to Moksha. He taught that the holy name of the Lord is the sound incarnation of the Lord and that since the Lord is the absolute whole, there is no difference between His holy name and His transcendental form. Thus by chanting the holy name of the Lord one can directly associate with the Supreme Lord by sound vibration.

Chaitanya Jayanti is of great importance for Hare Krishna devotees and numerous festivals and programs are organized on the day in ISKCON temples.

Teachings from Tirumantiram

Dust Into Dust-That is Body's Way
The Vessel's clay was one, but of two Karmas made,
Firm-set, until Fate its grim summons gave;
Then the rains poured and back to clay the vessel turned;
Thus countless hordes perish and pass to the grave.How Soon the Dead are Forgotten
The neighbors gathered wailing loud and long,
Denied him now a name, called him corpse,
And bore him to the burning ghat and the body burnt,
Then a ceremonial dip--and memory dies as the hours lapse.Tirumantiram