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Kumbha Bharani in 2018 in Kerala Bhagavathy Temples

Kumbha Bharani is a highly auspicious day as per traditional Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. Kumbha Bharani 2018 date is February 22. It is the day when the Bharani Nakshatram falls in the Malayalam month Kumbham. The day is of great significance at Goddess Bhagavathi Temples in Kerala. The most important festival takes place at the ChettikulangaraBhagavathyTemple near Alleppey.

Traditionally the Bhagavathy Temples dedicated to Goddess Shakti observes festivals in the Kumbham month. Goddess Shakti for a fortnight in the month visits homes and collects husked rice. Her arrival to homes is bound bring peace, prosperity and luck. In some regions she arrives on Jeevadha which is held on shoulders of two priests. In some places she arrives atop an elephant.

The festival usually lasts for three or more days. The main rituals are held on the Kumbha Bharani day – which includes pulling of huge chariots locally known as Theru and Kuthira. The rituals observed on the day vary from regio…

Holi in Barsana in Mathura – Lath Mar Holi – Fight between friends of Krishna and Radha

The Holi festivities in BarsanaVillage begin from the first day of the Phalgun Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon). Barsana Lath Mar Holi 2018 date is Feb 25, Feb 26 and February 27, 2018. The most important event held here is the Lathmar Holi festival which is held on the Navami day (ninth day) during the Shukla Paksha of Phalguna Mahina. This Holi celebration is the fight between friends of Krishna and Radha.

In Lath Mar Holi, men in traditional dress from NandgaonVillage adorn the role of gopas (friends of Krishna). In Barsana, women adorn the role of gopis (friends of Radha). The men reach Barsana and throw colors on women and the women fight back with batons. The aim of the men from Nandgaon is to install a flag on the temple of Radha at Barsana and claim victory. Women of Barsana face them with bamboo sticks.

The men are well padded because they cannot hit back and can only try to keep the women off by sprinkling colored water on them. In case if a man gets trapped, he is made…

Hanuman Plush Dolls – Some Hindus are not happy

Kridana, an online shopping which concentrates on bringing Great Indian Epics to life for children, has brought out plush dolls based on some of the characters in Ramayana. The most popular among it is the Hanuman Plush Dolls. But US-based Hindu Statesman Rajan Zed and Forum for Hindu Awakening are not happy with the Hanuman Plush Dolls. They have asked the Pennsylvania (USA) based company to recall the Hanuman plush dolls as they see it as inappropriate, upsetting, and denigrating.As per Kridana Hanuman truly keeps his friends close to his heart - and there's no better place for this cuddly, adorable monkey than close to yours. Hanumanji is a super-cuddly 13 inches from crown on head to tip of flexible tail!Included with every doll is a 12-page, full-color storybook hangtag telling your child all about Hanuman's adventures!Hindu Blog ViewYoung Krishna is a friend and philosopher for children – but he is often a playmate. Hanuman is close to the heart of children – they play w…

Sant Chaturthi

Sant Chaturthi is an auspicious day observed in Orissa and parts of eastern India. Sant Chaturthi 2019 date is February 19. It is observed on the Chaturthi, or fourth day, during the Shukla Paksha (bright or Waxing phase of moon) in Phalguna month.

The day is also auspicious for Ganesha devotees.

There is not much information available about this observance.

If you have more information about the day please write in the comment section or mail us.

Swami Sivananda Thoughts

Lemon, ginger, chillies or tamarind causes your mouth to water instantly. These are stomachic appetizers. Even so scriptures, company of sages, Kirtans and bhajans, Satsangas, Japa Malas and Ashrams are all spiritual appetizers. They goad you to sit, contemplate and meditate.
Life is sustained by hope and aspiration, the struggle for betterment, and the zest for fulfillment. The moment these spurring elements of progress are taken away, one begins to vegetate and is miserably lost in the gloom of frustration and despondency, or becomes an ignoramus. The spiritual aspirant, no doubt, endeavors to attain the state of complacency and dissolution of the individual self, but that is a state of fulfillment and not a characteristic of his endeavor which is quite contradictory, the difference between worldly and spiritual aspirations being only in character and objective.
The true goal of life is to get back to the source from which we came. Just as the river flow restlessly till they join t…