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Holi Story – The Story of Holi Festival

Holi festival celebrates the victory of good over evil and this is clearly mentioned in stories associated with Holi festival. Holi festival story brings out the unshakable devotion exhibited by Prahlad, which is an inspiration for children and devotees. The other holi story is that of Krishna and Radha and yet another story is that of Lord Shiva burning Kamdev.
Holi Story based on Prahlada and Demon Holika Young Prahlada was a highly devoted devotee of Lord Vishnu but this was not liked by his arrogant father, Demon Hirnakashyipu, who was the king of the land. Hiranyakashyipu wanted his son and all the people on his land to worship him and not Sri Hari Vishnu.
Fed up with his son’s defiance which he thought will be followed by his people, the egotistical father sought for ways to eliminate his son and each time he failed miserably. Lord Vishnu came to the rescue of the young Prahlad. But this only hardened his stance.

Now, Hiranyakashyipu had a sister named Holika who had got a boon…

Vasant Ritu Starting Date 2018 as Per Hindu Panchang

Vasant Ritu, or Basant Ritu, is the spring season. The traditional calendars and Panchangs followed in North India marks the beginning of Vasant Ritu separately. Vasant Ritu 2018 starting date is January 27. It must be noted that some of the festivals associated with spring season (Vasant) like Basant Panchami is held earlier to this date.

The date held significance is some regions earlier for farming related activities. It is also an important day with regard to the upcoming Holi Festival.

Special rituals are held on the day in certain Lord Krishna temples.

Quotes from Markandeya Purana – Dattatreya Advices Alark

Alark says ‘O lord! With the arising of disenchantment in my heart, I have no miseries now. Only those people feel drowned in the ocean of miseries who are attached to worldly things. A man feels all kinds of sorrows due to his attachments towards the luxuries in which his mind indulges. Now neither sorrow nor joy can affect me.’
Dattatreya says- 'O king! Whatever you said is correct. Attachment is the cause of both sorrow and happiness. It is because of the knowledge I gave to you that the 'mist of attachment' has disappeared from your heart.
A small sprout of ego ultimately develops into a huge tree of ignorance. Affection is the trunk of this tree. Home and family are the branches and wife and children are the leaves of this tree. Wealth and cereals are the flowers and happiness and sorrow are the fruits of this tree. Relation that emerges out of affection is the canopy of this tree. This tree grows day by day and obscures the path of liberation. This tree is full of …