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Study Bhagavad Gita Online – Home Study Course in Bhagawad Geeta by Arsha Vidya Gurukulum

Bhagavad Gita Home Study Course is offered by Arsha Vidya Gurukulum in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, India. Through online classes verses in the Bhagawad Geeta are taught, interpreted and discussed. The course includes contemporary examples to keep the readers focused and there is also a searchable online version of the course material.The course material, comprising of a set of 4 volumes, is based on actual classroom teaching of the complete Bhagavad Gita to students of a three-year program in Vedanta. You can also supplement this study material with the Bhagavad Gita home study MP3 CD set made up of seven CDs which cover all the 360 plus classes forming the basis for the home study material. There is also a searchable version of the course material for those who prefer an online resource rather than books.The course also encourages people to form small groups of 8 to 10 people, called Gita Vicara Group, to come together with a commitment to meet at a regular interval, like once in a wee…

Kannada Calendar 2012 – 2013 – Download in Kannada in pdf for free

This particular Calendar and Panchangam 2012 – 2013 in Kannada is provided by the Uttardi Math and is known as the Surya Siddhanta Panchangam. This Calendar is from April 2012 to April 2013 and is in PDF format and it can be downloaded for free.

This particular Calendar and Panchangam is useful for those people following the Kannada calendars. A month in this Panchangam is calculated from Pratipada after Amavasi (the day after no moon or new moon) to next Amavasi.

Download - The Kannada Calendar and Panchangam can be downloaded in PDF format here at the official website of Uttardi Math.

Sadhu T L Vaswani Teachings

Love binds us with silken threads. We get bonded; we get linked with persons we love. Love unites. Loving the Supreme, you are united with Him for you will feel God’s presence within you and around you. When you love God, you will learn to love others, and your life will be built on the foundation of love.
Just as eating food and drinking water are necessary for living, it is necessary to practice humility. One has to pay a price for giving up ego. And that price is, to be in fellowship with the devotees of the Lord, and to receive their blessings. How foolish it is to say, ‘I did this, I did that!’ This ‘ego-intoxication’ must go! For what am ‘I’ but a flickering candle that at the dawn will die!
Sadhu T L Vaswani