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Food Offerings Made to Goddess Saraswati

The food offering made to Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of learning and knowledge in Hinduism, is very unique. This unique Prasad for Goddess Saraswathi is made of five seeds which are believed to provide essential nutrients for the brain. The offering is made during the worship of Saraswati in Magh month (Saraswathi Jayanti) and also during Saraswati puja during Navratri.The five items that are part of offering are bamboo shoot (Banslochan), misri (sugar) nuts, cardamom, lotus stems and lotus seeds.

Oxford Dictionary of Hinduism – iPhone reference App for iPhone and iPod Touch

Oxford Dictionary of Hinduism version 2.0.289 is an iPhone reference App specially designed for the iPhone & iPod Touch and the Oxford Paperback Reference series. It is meant to be a first port of call for students and teachers of Hinduism, theology, Asian studies, or philosophy, as well as the related disciplines of history, sociology, and anthropology. The cost of the App is $14.99 and you need an iTunes account. Entries cover a period of 3,500 years – from the vedic period to Hinduism in the 21st centuryOxford Dictionary of Hinduism contains 2,800 entries on everything from Tantra to Hindu temples, from bhakti to festivals like Diwali, as well as biographical entries for key thinkers, teachers, and scholars. All entries are clear, concise, up to date, and fully cross-referenced. You can find more about this iPhone reference App here at Download.Cnet

Thoughts on Relationship with Oneself – Swami Brahmdev

With consciousness we have created beautiful concepts. One of them is the idea of relationships. Whatever we create, whatever we discover, it is to make this life more comfortable, beautiful, peaceful and happy. The first relationship has to be with oneself. You must have a very clear relationship with yourself, knowing why you feel the way you do, why you think in a particular way. The first step is to be aware of your own self. Why do we want a relationship? For happiness, for security? We have to establish a relationship with the Divine. And what is Divinity? The soul. You must have a relationship with your psyche; that relationship can give you everything you need, more than a hundred other relationships.Swami Brahmdevis associated with the Auro Valley Ashram