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Kaliyadalan Ekadasi – Kalia Dalana Ekadashi

Kaliyadalan Ekadashi, also known as Kaliyadaman Ekadasi, is observed in Orissa during the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrab month (Bhadrapad). The corresponding Ekadasi observed in other regions is known as Aja Ekadasi, or Annada Ekadashi. This Ekadasi observed in Orissa is associated with the Krishna and Snake Kaliya episode. In 2018, the date of Kalia Dalana Ekadasi is September 6.

Snake Kaliya had poisoned the water of Yamuna making it unfit for drinking. All the animals and birds that drank the water of Yamuna died. Lord Krishna intervened and subdued Kaliya and freed Yamuna from his clutches. Kaliya left Yamuna and the water became poison free.

Kaliyadalan Ekadasi is observed in remembrance of this divine event. On the 11th day of the Bhadrab month, Kaliya Dalan Vesha is observed in PuriJagannathTemple.

Watch Sri Krishna Janmashtami Puja and Celebrations Live Online

Sri Krishna Jayanti and Janmashtami puja and celebrations being held at Mayapur, the headquarters of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), in India will be available online. All the Janmastami festivities and the Midnight Maha abhisheka held during the time of the birth of Lord Krishna will be available online. You can also watch live Janmashtami celeberations from Juhu ISKCON Temple in Mumbai.

The hosting and live streaming of the online Sri Krishna Jayanti and Janmashtami puja is by ISKCON.

You can watch Sri Krishna Janmashtami Puja and Celebrations Live Online here at

You can watch Janmashtami celebrations from Juhu ISKCON Temple in Mumbai here.

Pola Amavasya 2018

Pola festival is dedicated to the cows and ox. It is observed in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and other parts of rural India on the Shravan Amavasi (no moon day in Sawan month). Farmers pay respect to bullocks and cows as cattle is their main source of livelihood. In 2018, the date of Pola Amavasya is September 9.

A day before Pola Amavasi, the rope tied on the ox is removed and turmeric paste and oil is applied the body of cows, ox and bullocks.

On Pola day, cattle are bathed and special food prepared like Puran Poli, Kichadi and Bajari are provided to them.

The animals are also adorned with various ornaments and clothes. Their horns are given a fresh coat of paint.

The bull is also worshipped on the day and villagers in large numbers gather to pay their respect. The animals are taken around the village in processions accompanied by music.

Many farmers also start the next farming season on the day.

Thoughts on Sri Krishna Jayanti

There is a Higher Power pulsating in us. It is the light of intelligence. It illuminates the thoughts and feelings in us. The light illuminating all these faculties is one and the same in all. It is represented as Sri Krishna. Krishna is infinite wisdom.When everybody is sleeping in the prison of his Ego, when the sense organs are all asleep, the mysterious Light shine forth during meditation and in that darkness the Blue Boy of Brindavan is born.This Supreme Essence born as a mass of Beauty, Music and Joy, dazzling in Wisdom, noisy with Laughter, ever a Master of Circumstances, a King of Events, frisking about in life’s melancholy contentions, meeting challenges with daring and confidence, at once a Hero and a Child all rolled in one – this is the perfect God-Man, the Eternal Child of Brindavan.Swami Chinmayananda
(Source – Excerpts from one of Swami Chinmayananda’s Sri Krishna Jayanti discourse) We take refuge in Thee – who art avowed to Truth, who art the Abode of Truth. True in all…