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Chandra Shasti Vrat – Chand Chath

Chandra Shasti, or Chand Chath, is observed on the sixth day of the dark fortnight (waning phase of moon) of Bhadrapada month (August – September). In 2018, the date of Chandra Shasti Vrat is September 1. A fast is observed on Chandra Sasthi Vrat day by unmarried women. Pujas and prayers are offered on the day to Chandra, the Hindu moon God.

The fast on Chandra Shasti Vrat begins in the morning and ends after seeing the moon. Water is offered to Chandra. The Vrat is performed to get a good husband and for a happy and prosperous life.

During the same period, Hala Shasti or Hal Shashti is observed. This is dedicated to Lord Balram, the elder brother of Lord Krishna.

Hindu Glass Temple in Malaysia - Arulmigu Sri Raja Kaliamman Temple

Three hundred thousand pieces of colored glasses, namely blue, red, yellow, green, purple and white, will give shape to the Arulmigu SriRajaKaliammanTemple at Jalan Tebrau in Johor Bahru State of Malaysia. And when completed in October 2009, it will be the first HinduGlassTemple in the world. Around 95 per cent of the Arulmigu Sri Raja Kaliamman temple's walls, ceiling, domes and pillars will be adorned with more than three hundred thousand pieces of colorful glasses imported from Thailand, Japan and Belgium. The estimated cost of the temple is 3 million Malaysian Ringgit.The original Arulmigu SriRajaKaliammanTemple was built in 1922. The temple needed a makeover and the Temple committee decided on transforming the temple into something unique. The star online writesTemple president S. Sinathambhy, who is also an art teacher, said that so far RM2mil had been spent to renovate the 87-year-old temple.He added that he conceptualized the design while riding in a motorised taxi (tuk…

Khudurukuni Osha in Orissa

Khudurukuni Osha is observed in Orissa on the Sundays in the month of Bhadrab (August - September) by unmarried women and girls. Also known as Khudarankuni or Khudurkuni, it is mainly observed in the coastal districts of Orissa. Goddess Maa Mangala (Durga) is worshipped on the day.
Khudurukuni Osha rituals are based on the legend of a young girl named Taapoi. She had to undergo sufferings in the hands of her sister-in-laws when her brothers were on a sea journey. Therefore there is a belief that the ritual is observed by women for the safe return of their relatives (brothers) who venture into the sea.
Khude Bhaja or Khuda, which is fried left out particles of rice, are offered to Goddess Durga. ‘Khudurukuni’ means one who is very eager for khuda. Other offerings that are made are Kantiali Kakudi (a type of thorny Cucumber), Lia (fried paddy), Ukuda (fried paddy sweetened by molasses) and coconut. It is said that the young girl Taapoi survived on Khuda after her brothers left. She …

Raghavendra Swami Teachings

Sri Raghavendra, a 16th century saint, is one of the greatest proponents of Madhva philosophy.Without right living, right thinking will never come. Always keep away from people who merely perform miracles without following the shastras and yet call themselves God or guru.Right knowledge (jnana) is greater than any miracle.Have devotion to the Lord. This devotion should never be blind faithRaghavendra Swami