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Sri Jayanti – Birthday Festival of Lord Krishna

Sri Jayanti is the name used to refer the birthday festival and celebrations of Lord Krishna in some regions, especially in North India. Shri Jayanti is popularly known by the name of Sri Krishna Jayanti or Janmashtami. In 2017, Sri Jayanti date is August 15. In North India, Shri Jayanti is observed on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha (waning phase of moon) in Bhadrapad month.

It must be noted that Sri Krishna Jayanti is observed on two different days. This is based on different calculations followed by the various Hindu regional calendars. In some regions, Sri Krishna Jayanti is observed on August 14.

Sri Jayanti celebrations reach its zenith in Mathura and Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh. Numerous rituals are observed here on the day. Apart from pujas, prayers and fasting, children appear as various characters in the legends associated with Shri Krishna. They present small dramas based on Krishna’s life.

People of the region refer to the massive celebrations on Sri Jayanti as the …

Biographical Film on Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj – Nirgunache Bheti – Tatvamasi

Nirgunache Bheti is a non-commercial biographical Marathi Film based on teachings and life of Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj. The English version of the film is titled Tatvamasi. The 99-minute film explores the teachings of Sri Nisargadatta. All his teachings were aimed at ‘Know Your Real Self.’ When asked about the date of his birth Nisargadatta Maharaj replied blandly that he was never born! So what Nisargadatta wanted was to be aware of our state of being – pure simple being – without being this or that or the other. The film will be available in Marathi as Nrgunache Bheti and in English as Tatvamasi. The film is available online at  The English Promo of Tatvamasi

The Marathi Promo of Nrgunache Bheti The ideal way to know a person is through his/her thoughts. And this is a thought of Nisargadatta Maharaj The sweetness is the nature of sugar; but that sweetness is there only so long as the sugar is present. Once the sugar has been consumed or thrown away, there is no more sw…

Dada JP Vaswani on Innate Happiness and the Reason Why He Smiles a Lot

People often ask me (Dada JP Vaswani) the reason behind my innate happiness and peaceful demeanor and always keep complementing me on the fact that I smile a lot, but I really do not think of it as a great bit deal.I have never questioned anything that has happened in my life ever. In fact I have always accepted it as the will of some great cosmic plan that has been written for me. As a result of this I don’t end up arguing with my inner self, as most people tend to do. That is why I find my inner peace easily. And I think it is the easiest way to attain inner happiness.Dada JP Vaswani