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Hindu Priests in Gaya say No to Online Pinda Daan

The Bihar State Government in India recently announced a decision to introduce a videoconferencing facility for Hindus abroad to offer Pinda Daan at Gaya in 2009 during the Pitrapaksh fortnight in Ashwin month. Pinda Daan is a Hindu religious ritual dedicated to the dead ancestors and it seeks Moksha of the dead from the cycle of rebirth. The Hindu Priests at Gaya who perform the Pinda Daan are known as Pandas and they are saying a firm No to the idea of online Pinda Daan. They say that the physical presence of the person performing the Pinda Daan rite is a must.There is a popular belief that Lord Ram and Sita performed the Pinda Daan ritual at Gaya for King Dasharath (Lord Ram’s father).Thousands of Hindus from across India and abroad arrive in Gaya during the Pitru Paksha fortnight to perform the ritual on the banks of the Falgu river. Express Buzz reports"We fail to understand the motive to introduce online pinda daan. It is not possible because a devotee's physical presen…

Ker Puja – Kerpuja in Tripura

Ker Puja is an important ritual observed in TripuraState of India during the Shraban or Shravan month. Kerpuja is performed for the welfare of the people and it is a tradition that was started by the erstwhile rulers of the region. It is traditionally a tribal festival. In 2018, the date of Ker Puja is August 5.

A special area is demarcated for Ker puja. Once the puja starts no person is allowed to enter or leave the marked area. Generally, a barrier made of bamboo announces that Ker is going on in the area.

It is observed on Shravan Krishna Paksha Ashtami.

Ker Puja is organized around 15 days after the famous Kharchi puja at ChaturdasDevataTemple.