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Book: Puffin Mahabharata for Children

This version of the Mahabharata for young readers in English is written by Namita Gokhale, a multi-faceted Indian novelist and publisher. The book is published by Puffin Books, publishers of fiction, picture books and children's classics. A major highlight of this Mahabharat for Children is the illustrations by painter and animator Sudhasattwa Basu.The beauty of this version of the Mahabharata is that it really caters to children by keeping the narration smooth and simple. There is a nice little explanation of the cycles of times in the beginning. What makes the book a more interesting read is that the author does not forget about the weaknesses in Pandavas and points out the flaws in their characters along with that of the Kauravas.Numerous stories that are part of Mahabharata are also mentioned in the book. The Bhagavad Gita and the other philosophical discussions are explained in simple language. Puffin Mahabharata
Author: Namita Gokhale
Published in India by Penguin Books India,…

Sant Jnaneswar Quotes

Those who try to cross Maya or illusion on the strength of their intellect get lost, Those who try to cross using knowledge are swallowed by pride, Those who take the help of the books are consumed by ego and arrogance,Those who perform ritualistic actions get caught in issues of right or wrong, Those who use youthful strength get consumed by lust, Those who perform external yajnas are caught in the web of desire and ambition.The ideal path to cross over Maya or illusion is of spiritual devotion. Alertness is required to avoid the pitfalls of ego and desire.Sant Jnaneswar (1274-1296 A.D)Sant Jnaneshwar, also known as Jnanadeva, is the author of the Jnaneshwari, a Marathi commentary on the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. You may also like to readQuotes from Jnaneshwari