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Space Settlement Rocket Design Inspired By Orissa Temple Architecture Adjudged the Best by NASA

Sisters, Pooja Bhattacharya and Swastika Bhattacharya of Bhubaneswar, have won the grand prize for a rocket design-based on Orissan temple architecture and was adjudged the best at the space settlement design contest organized by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), US. The space vehicle is laid out in a triangular manner called Triratha as per ancient Kalingan Temple Style found in Orissa.Minati Singha writes in Times of IndiaPooja Bhattacharya and Swastika Bhattacharya of Bhubaneswar have won the grand prize from among 309 projects submitted by 875 students.

These projects were sponsored by 96 teachers from across the world. Students from US, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Dubai, UAE, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Romania, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Uruguay participated in the competition.Puja Bhattacharya is a Plus Two second year student in BJBJunior College in Bhubaneswar and her younger sister, Swastika is a student of Class X at St Xaviers' High School, Keda…

Why Lord Ram Send Mata Sita to Forest? Was Lord Rama Right or Wrong?

One of the greatest merits of Hindu Scriptures is that it is open to interpretation and criticism. Some of the actions of Lord Ram in Ramayana have been criticized and many even doubt whether Lord Ram deserves the reverence and worship that he is getting. All the actions of Lord Ram that are open to criticism today could have easily been polished and edited by Sage Valmiki and presented him without any so called flaws. This is the greatness of Hindu scriptures; it does not preach or impose teachings and ideas but kindles the reader to think, participate in a healthy debate and reach a conclusion. It wants the reader to remain independent and think independently.Our king might accept a wife who had stayed in another man’s home but not me – On hearing a washer man question the purity of the Queen of Ayodhya, Lord Ram decides to send a pregnant Mata Sita to the forest. Rama is the ideal king and for a modern reader this is heights of stupidity and absurdity. A modern reader would want Lo…

Savitri Chaturdashi Fasting in Bengal

Savitri Chaturdasi, or Sabitri Chaturdashi, is observed on the fourteenth day of the Krishna Paksha (waning or dark phase of moon) in the Bengali month of Jyeshta (May – June). Married women fast on Savitri Chaturdasi Vrata day for a happy married life and for the well being of their husbands. In 2018, the date of Savitri Chaturdashi is May 14.

Sabitri Chaturdashi is quite similar to the Vat Savitri Vrata observed in North and Western parts of India. It must be noted that in Orissa, Savitri Brata is observed on the Amavasi day in Jyeshta month i.e., the next day of Savitri Chaturdashi.

Like in all regions, the Savitri Chaturdashi is based on Savitri – Satyavan Legend in the Mahabharata. Women take inspiration from Savitri who saved her husband from the clutches of death. The fasting method varies from region to region. Most people keep fast from sunrise to sunset. There is also a popular belief that Savitri Chaturdashi Vrata should be observed continuously for 14 years.