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Allow Gurkhas who served in British Army to stay in United Kingdom

Pressure is mounting on United Kingdom (UK) to let all retired Gurkha servicemen stay in the country. This after UK government put up strict conditions to settle in Britain for those Gurkha servicemen who left the army before 1997.The Gurkhas have been a unique part of the British Army for two centuries and their history with the British Army begins with colonization of India by Britain. Most of the Gurkhas are Hindus and are famous for their bravery. More than Forty-three thousand Gurkhas died in two world wars fighting for UK.
The Economist reports

The Gurkha saga has been going on for years, with pay, pensions and immigration rights the main battlefields. The grievance now at stake is that Gurkhas who retired before July 1997 are not granted an automatic right to settle in Britain, on the grounds that they were based in Hong Kong until 1997 and were therefore unlikely to have strong British ties. Newer Gurkha recruits, who are based in Britain, and Commonwealth recruits (who make up …

Video on ancient Saraswati River, Dwaraka Underwater city and why Aryan invasion theory is incorrect

The video by talks about Indus-SaraswatiRiver system – the SaraswathiRiver is believed to have dried up in 1900 BC. Also about - Carbon and Thermoluminiscence dating of archaeological artifactsMarine Archaeology of underwater sites like Dwaraka. About the scientific verification of scriptural statements.Linguistic analysis of scripts found on archaeological artifacts.And quotes about the ancient culture by Western scholars and philosophers.

Rukmini Dwadashi

Rukmini Dvadash, or Sri Rukhmini Dwadasi, is observed as the birthday (the day Rukmini Devi appeared on earth) of Rukmini, the consort of Lord Krishna. In 2018, the date of Rukmini Dwadashi is April 27. The love story of Rukmini and Lord Krishna and their elopement is one of the most famous stories associated with Lord Krishna.

Rukmini Dwadashi is observed on the twelfth day of the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) of Vaisakh month (April – May). It is believed that those who offer worship prayers and pujas with flowers will have their wishes fulfilled.

Prayers dedicated to Rukhmini Devi are held on the day at Lord Krishna Temples. Special pujas are held at the DwarkadishTemple in Mathura on the day.

Swami Chinmayananda - Collection of Wisdom

The greater the integration within, the higher the individual’s mind and intellect can fly and the vision of the prospect below extends itself into greater distances when the observer is raised to greater altitudes. The greater the heights from which we look around, the wider is the prospect that unrolls under our gaze.

When there is no enthusiasm or inspiration, consistency of purpose can never be.

Without change, life would end in absolute stagnancy.

Efficiency is the capacity to bring proficiency into expression.

The game of desires is an endless gambling.

Life is defined as series of continuous experiences.

Work without faith and prayer without sincerity are like artificial flowers without fragrance.

Time never stops; it is fleeting. The now alone is the only auspicious occasion to initiate our new plans. Delays are always dangerous, useless, barren. Today is the only day to attempt any great and worthy purpose. Opportunity comes to all of us; the diligent catch hold of it; the f…