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Pregnant Women find Solace at Garbharakshambikha Temple in Tamil Nadu

ShriKarparakshambigaiTemple, also known as Garbharakshambikha or Garbharakshambigai temple, is situated at Thirukarukaavu near Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu and is visited by childless couples for blessings, pregnant women for safe deliveries and for the protection of the unborn baby. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is the Shakti present here that is believed to protect the unborn babies. ‘Garbha' here means ‘uterus’ and ‘Ambika’ is an incarnation of Shakti who is believed to take care of pregnant women.There is also a Garbharakshambikha Shloka, which pregnant women and childless couples chant. GarbharakshambigaiTemple is located at Thirukarukaavu and the place is 20 km east of Thanjavur and 20 km southwest of Kumbakonam. (Information provided by Gayatri Sankar)

Thrissur Pooram Fireworks to be Environmental Friendly

One of the most anticipated events during the Thrissur Pooram festival in Kerala is the fireworks display. Thousands of people gather to witness the early morning visual treat created by fireworks. This year the fireworks display at Thrissur Pooram will have minimal deafening sound and more of color emitting. The move to make Thrissur Pooram fireworks environmental friendly needs to be appreciated as it is the mother of all temple festivals in Kerala and other temples will be encouraged to follow suit. Fireworks are an essential part of temple festivals in Kerala and there is an ongoing debate in Kerala to make temple festivals more environmental friendly by reducing noise pollution. Recently, the fireworks display at Nenmara Vella Devi Temple festival near Palakkad, which one of the largest fireworks display in Asia, concentrated more on color emitting display and very large noise producing crackers were sparingly used.There is also a move to stop the use of Potassium Chlorite in cra…

Surdas on Krishna as the Formless Brahman

Krishna awoke
Yashoda was enraptured
To see his face
Blooming as a lotus that captures
The rising sun’s first raysTaking off the coverlet
She said, awake, darling boy, awake,
Your loveliness makes me swoon
Your bewitching face is like the full moon
Seen through the sea’s foam
When it was churned for nectar.

He for whom the shrutis say ‘not this not this’
Whose name is chanted by Brahma, Shesha and Shiva
That formless Brahma has taken birth
In Brij, in human form, so it is heard.Surdas