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Anandamayi Ma Jayanti

Anandamayi Ma Jayanthi celebrates the birth anniversary of Sri Anandamayi Ma, one of the most important spiritual teachers of modern India. She was born on April 30, 1896 in a small village called Kheora in Bengal in British India. A self realized soul, She attracted followers from all over the world. Anandmayi Ma Jayanti is annually observed on April 30.

From early childhood, Anandamayi Ma was exposed to the spiritual world and had divine experience. She continued to lead a spiritual life even after marriage. 

Anandamayi Ma’s husband understood that he had married a self realized soul and soon gave up the idea of a family life and helped her in her spiritual quest.

After few years, Anandamayi Ma started her spiritual journey and traveled across the subcontinent spreading the Truth. She talked about the Supreme Experience when asked questions on the subject. But never gave well thought out spiritual discourses or tried to form a spiritual group. She answered the questions of all people irrespective of their religion and she had followers from all the important religions in the world.

She died on 27 August, 1982.

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