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Mata Amritanandamayi Thoughts on Dealing with Crisis Like Economic Recession

Remain happy and confident irrespective of threats like global economic recession and terrorism. When there are restrictions and challenges that life becomes beautiful and effective. We should start looking into ourselves. Spirituality is looking into the ‘ultimate’ within oneself. In these difficult times of economic recession and terrorism, we should not give up.We should be brave and confident. Such crises should be considered as opportunities to deal with new situations.There are two types of education in life.The first is for the activities of life and to eke out a living. The second, is one that we have throughout our life, that’s spiritual education.Education also brings in culture and helps in dealing with crises.We need to strengthen the three types of relationships to tide over crises. The first one is between human beings; the second is between human beings and nature and finally, the relationship between human beings and God. These relationships are becoming weak nowadays.…