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Vaishakh Month in 2010 in Traditional Marathi Calendar

Vaishakh, or Vaisakha Maas, is the second month in a traditional Marathi Calendar (the calendar followed in Maharashtra state of India). Akshaya Tritiya, which falls on the third day of Shukla Paksha in Vaishakh Mahina, is one of the most auspicious days in a year in a Marathi Calendar. In 2010, there are two Vaishakh Month in a traditional Marathi Calendar due to the Adhik Mahina -Adhik Vaishakh Month begins on April 15, 2010 and ends on May 14. Nija Vaishakh Mahina or real Vaishakha month begins on May 14, 2010 and ends on June 12.
It must be noted that Vaishakh month in the calendar followed in North India is from March 30 to May 27. This includes Adhik - Nija Vaishakh month)
The Vaishakh month in calendars followed in Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh is similar to the Marathi calendar.RelatedWhat is Adhik Mahina or Extra month?Importance of Vaishakha Masa

Teachings of Yoga Vasishtam

Just as a steady boat, O Rama, is obtained from a boatman, so also the method of crossing the ocean of samsara is learnt by associating with great souls.The great remedy for the long-lasting disease of samsara is the enquiry, ‘Who am I? To whom does this samsara belong?,’ which entirely cures it. The Lord cannot be seen with the help of the sacred texts or the Guru. The self is seen by the Self alone with the pure intellect.Even the slightest thought immerses a man in sorrow; when devoid of all thoughts he enjoys imperishable bliss.Just as we experience the delusion of hundreds of years in a dream lasting an hour, so also we experience the sport of maya in our waking state.Yoga Vasishtam