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Vana Durga

Vana Durga is one of the numerous forms of Goddess Durga. This form is believed to be one of the earliest forms of Mother Goddess worshiped. As the name indicates, she resides in forests. Some of the Vana Durga temples in South India contain only four walls and the upper portion is left open. She is also believed to be the goddess of those people who resides in the forests.
She is exposed to the elements of nature. Her murti is never covered. It 
She is depicted as having a complexion of fresh grass and she stands on the head of a buffalo (demon).
She is shown as having eight arms with discus, conch, sword, shield, bow, arrow, spear, and gesture of warning.
Some of the important temples dedicated to Vana Durga are found in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Chakkulathukavu Temple near Thiruvalla in Kerala is a very famous Vana Durga Temple.

Some legends suggest that Pandavas worshiped this form of Durga during their exile period in the Mahabharata.

Teachings from Uddava Gita

The foolish man who, with his vision blinded, is tempted by such illusive creations as women, gold, ornaments, apparel and the like, considering them as objects of enjoyment, is destroyed, like the moth. (Uddhava Gita 3.8)
The clever man should take the essence out of all sources, from scriptures small as well as great – like the bee from flowers. (Uddhava Gita 3.10)
Expectation is surely the greatest misery, and the giving up of all expectations is the greatest bliss. (Uddhava Gita 3.44)
Uddava Gita
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