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Yudhishtira and Yaksha – Questions and Answers from the Mahabharata

One day during the exile, the Pandavas became extremely thirsty and asked Nakula, the youngest of Pandavas, to get some water from a nearby pond. When Nakula did not return one by one the Pandavas went looking for the other and finally Yudhisthira, the eldest, discovers the four brothers lying dead nearby the pond. Suddenly, Yudhisthira hears the voice of Yaksha who warns him not to drink the water from the pond before he has answered his questions; otherwise, he would also be dead. Yudhishtira agrees to answer the question of Yaksha.
Here are famous answers given by Yudhistira to the question of Yaksha which revived all the four brothers.
What makes the sun shine daily? – The power of Brahman (Absolute).
What does a person need to rescue him from danger? – Courage.
Which science should man study to become wise? – A man does not acquire wisdom just by studying the Shastras (sciences), but by associating with wise men.
Is there anything that sustains more nobly than the earth? – The …