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Kalpathy Ratholsavam 2018 dates – Palakkad Kalpathy Chariot Festival in 2018

Kalpathy Car Festival, or Chariot festival, which is held during the last week of Tamil month Aipassi (October – November) at Kaplathy near Palakkad in Kerala reminds one of the world famous Puri Rath Yatra festival. In 2018, the Kalpathy car festival is scheduled to be held from November 13 to 16. The Rathasangamom will be held before the Sree Viswanathaswamy Temple in Kalpathy on the evening of November 15. Kalpathy and its 18 Agraharams is an early Tamil Brahmin settlement and is known as the ‘Varanasi of the South.’ The 10-day Kalpathy Ratholsavam is the most important festival of the year here.

The epicenter of the Kalpathy Car Festival is the SreeViswanathaswamiTemple in Kalpathy. Temples in New Kalpathy, Old Kalpathy and Chathapuram joins in on simultaneous days for the celebrations. The most important days during the 10-day festival are the last three days. And on the final day there is the Rathasangamom at SriViswanathaswamiTemple, which happens on the last day of Aippassi M…

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