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The Kid who adorns the role of Child Krishna in Jai Shri Krishna Serial

‘Jai Shri Krishna’ serial on Colors Viacom 18 Television Channel is attracting lot of attraction due to the mesmerizing performance of the kid who adorns the role of Child Krishna. The childhood adventures of Lord Krishna have enthralled devotees from time immemorial and will continue to do so. There is a popular demand from television viewing public for photos, pictures and wallpapers of the little child Krishna but Colors has only released a single wallpaper of the kid.Interestingly, the role of Natkhat Makhanchor is adorned by Dhriti Bhatia, who is just going to be three years old. Yes, the popular role of Child Krishna in Jai Shri Krishna is played by a little girl. She is also nominated for the 8th IDEA-ITA Awards – Jai Shri Krishna Best Child Artiste Dhriti Bhatia (role of Krishna).Here is a wallpaper of child Krishna in Jai Shri Krishna Serial. Image from Colors Channel website:

K M Munshi Quotes on the Mahabharata

The Mahabharata is not a mere epic; it is a romance, telling the tale of heroic men and women and of some who were divine; it is a whole literature in itself, containing a code of life, a philosophy of social and ethical relations, and speculative thought on human problems that is hard to rival; but, above all, it has for its core the Gita, which is, as the world is beginning to find out, the noblest of scriptures and the grandest of sagas the climax of which is reached in the wondrous Apocalypse in the Eleventh Canto. Through such books alone, the harmonies underlying true culture, I am convinced, will one day reconcile the disorders of modern life. K M MunshiKulapati K. M. Munshi is the founder of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan