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Moksha – An Arcade Game based on Hinduism

Moksha the Game – from Elektromedia based in Malaysia – is an interesting arcade game based on Hinduism’s core concept Moksha – to become one with Brahman (the Supreme Soul). The structure of the game is simple – a player needs to visit temples, gurus and answer all the questions to meet and merge with Brahman at the last level.The main aim of the game is to teach the fundamentals of Hindu religion through a series of questions in Quiz format. The game is based on Tamil culture. Topics covered in the Game include:Trimurti in Hinduism Introduction to Hindu God & Deities Symbols in HinduismPuja ceremony in HinduismFundamental beliefs of a HinduVedasYogaEpics in HinduismSteps in Raja YogaFamous theories in HinduismMoksha the Game is a fairly new entrant and was only released in August 2008. No doubt it is an amateurish attempt but an attempt in the right direction.There is a limited trial version. The full version of the game is priced at 12.90 Malaysian RinggitYou can find more deta…

Qualities needed for success in life – Advice to Vibhishan by Lord Ram in Ramcharitmanas

This is a famous passage from the Ramacharitamanas of Sant Tulsidas. Bhagavan Sri Ram here advices Vibhishana regarding the qualities needed for success in life. Here it is explained in the form of a chariot which is needed for victory. The chariot symbol of Sant Tulsidas is very famous with the readers of Ramayana – Ramcharitmanas.
The scene is when Vibhishana asks Lord Ram to fight Ravana by riding on a chariot:
Bhagavan Sri Ram says:
Bring a chariot if it is obligatory for victory.

That chariot should have wheels of valor and patience;
Strong flag and buntings of truth and good conduct;
Horses of strength, wisdom, self-control and goodness.

Link rope of pardon, kindness and equality;
A wise charioteer of God’s recitation;
A field of renunciation, sword of satisfaction,
An axe of charity, deadly power of intelligence,

A hardened bow of the best knowledge;
A quiver like a pure and decisive mind;

Several arrows of self-control and morality
Impenetrable armor of Brahman worship
There i…