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Tomb of Raja Ram Mohan Roy Restored in Bristol England

Raja Ram Mohan Roy is one of the great reformers of India who challenged unethical practices Hindu society and culture and fought for women's rights and for an end to the practice of ‘sati.’ He died in 1833 while visiting Bristol in Britain. A tomb was raised here his memory. Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s tomb at Arnos Vale in Bristol had fallen into disrepair. The tomb, an architectural gem, was recently restored and opened to public. The restoration of the tomb was made possible by a donation last year of more than £50,000 from Aditya Poddar, a Kolkata Businessman.In 1997, a statue of Raja Ram Mohan Roy was placed on College Green in Bristol.

Thoughts on the Hindu concept of Sannyasa – Swami Tapovanam

The fourth ashram of Sannyasa is noblest as it concentrates itself on the realization of Truth both by observation and propagation. Renunciation is not the last refuge of an idler; it is the state of having done all that is to be done by way of what is good, pure and propitious.For Sannyasins, the capital is liberty.If by wandering as a mendicant one can become a sannyasin, all beggars should be sannyasins.The very purpose of the life as a Sadhu is the emancipation from the sorrows of worldly existence.Swami Tapovanam (1889-1957)