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Only way to self realization is through knowledge – Yoga Vasishta Quotes

Oneself is one’s own friend or enemy. If one does not save oneself, there is no other remedy. (Yoga Vasishta VI.b. 161.18)What is not attained by oneself through one’s own persistent effort… cannot be attained through anything else in all the three worlds. (Yoga Vasishta IV. 43.18)Devotion to Gods, like Vishnu, is invented only to put on the right track those fools who run away from study, effort and thinking. (Yoga Vasishta V. 43.20)The artificial and showy ways of worshipping God are only for the ignorant and for those whose minds are not fully grown up and are fickle. (Yoga Vasishta VI.A. 30.5)Yoga Vasishta