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Eco-friendly Durga Puja Pandals in 2008 – Lead free colors and no chemical paints

At least some Durga Puja pandals in 2008 in Kolkata are trying hard to become eco-friendly amidst rising cost of raw materials. These pandals are trying to avoid the use of chemical paints. Idols of Durga will be adorned with natural paints. SaltLake Puja Committee which attracted maximum crowd during last year with the Harry Potter’s HogwartsCastle is in the forefront of Eco-friendly Durga Puja drive. What difference does the use of natural colors make? A lot! Durga Puja idols painted using chemical colors have high percentage of lead and other toxic chemicals. When the idols are immersed they pollute water bodies and rivers, especially Ganges which provides water to millions of people. This water when used can cause itches, rashes and other skin diseases in humans plus damage done to the ecosystem is unimaginable. Drinking water contaminated with lead and toxic chemical is slow poisoning. Jayanta Basu Writes about this highly commendable effort in The Telegraph In 1993-95, a Central …

Management Course to Study Hindu Temple Administration

The unique Management course to study Hindu Temple Administration is offered by SomnathSanskritUniversity and is aptly named – Mandir Vyavasthapan. Some people might want to immediately retort saying that Hindu Temples are not business centers. But the amount of donation that several temples are receiving is so huge that most of them are groping in the dark and need professional advice. Professional management is also need to manage crowds during festivals and auspicious days, also in preservation of the temple architecture and above all in matters of security in temples. The one-year diploma course, Mandir Vyavasthapan, was introduced last year by SomnathSanskritUniversity in Gujarat and the response was overwhelming. The course is not merely limited to accounts; there are other subjects like temple architecture, rituals, event management, crowd management, Sanskrit, English, and law.First batch of 500 students are awaiting the results. Candidates have to pass class XII to gain admis…

Vamana Jayanthi

Vamana Jayanthi celebrates the birthday of the dwarf Vamana incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is the fifth of the 10 Avatars (incarnations) of Lord Vishnu. The aim of the incarnation was to help Devas (Demi gods) who had lost their power to King Mahabali. In 2017, the date of Vamana Jayanthi is September 3. In this incarnation, the vanquished (Mahabali) is more popular than the victor (Vishnu). Onam festival in Kerala, dedicated to Mahabali, celebrates the annual visit of the erstwhile just and popular King.

The reign of King Mahabali is considered to be the golden era. There were no lies, cheating, poverty – it was utopia in reality. Due to this the demon King Mahabali ruled the entire universe and the Devas (Demi gods) had lost their power. Lord Vishnu had to intervene to save the Devas. He took the form of dwarf Vamana and attended a yagna being conducted by King Bali. Vishnu in this form is also known as Trivikrama.
During the yagna, Mahabali made an announcement that he will fulfill…

Dr Annie Besant on the Bhagavad Gita

Moderation is therefore the keynote of the Bhagavad Gita and the harmonizing of all the constituents of man, till they vibrate in perfect attunement with the One, the Supreme Self.Have no personal interest in the event; carry out the duty imposed by the position in life, realize that Ishvara, at once Lord and Law, is the doer, working out the mighty evolution that ends in Bliss and Peace; be identified with Him by devotion, and then perform duty as duty, fighting without passion or desire, without anger or hatred; thus activity forges no bonds, Yoga is accomplished, and the soul is free.Dr Annie Besant