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Showing posts from July 28, 2008

MBX – Mahabharata Fused With Technology and Super Beings

Virgin Comics, an international comics publisher, Perspective Studios, a leading producer of digital animation, and Grant Morrison, acclaimed comics scribe, are collaborating to create a new intellectual property and animation franchise based on ‘The Mahabharata’ titled MBX. In simple terms, epic Mahabharata will be fused with modern technology – gadgets, modern weapons etc – and super beings. The project got its first public look in San Diego Comic-Con 2008. The joint venture is planning to create animation films, feature films and video game adaptations based on the Mahabharata. Grant Morrison is a noted comic book writer and his popular works include The Invisibles, New X-men and numerous scripts based on popular comic characters for Marvel Comics and DC.So what to expect from MBX:This is not a strictly accurate historical portrayal of events, but a poetic, fantastic interpretation of the original text,” added Morrison. “The world of ‘MBX’ is a place of incredible art and technolog…

Swami Tapovan on Nature

The sight of the wonderful landscapes and objects of nature purifies the soul, the beating improves the quality of gold.Uncommon natural phenomena are a means to withdraw the mind from external things and to project it Godwards.To appear fresh every second is the true nature of beauty. Swami Tapovan