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MBX – Mahabharata Fused With Technology and Super Beings

Virgin Comics, an international comics publisher, Perspective Studios, a leading producer of digital animation, and Grant Morrison, acclaimed comics scribe, are collaborating to create a new intellectual property and animation franchise based on ‘The Mahabharata’ titled MBX. In simple terms, epic Mahabharata will be fused with modern technology – gadgets, modern weapons etc – and super beings. The project got its first public look in San Diego Comic-Con 2008. The joint venture is planning to create animation films, feature films and video game adaptations based on the Mahabharata. Grant Morrison is a noted comic book writer and his popular works include The Invisibles, New X-men and numerous scripts based on popular comic characters for Marvel Comics and DC.So what to expect from MBX:This is not a strictly accurate historical portrayal of events, but a poetic, fantastic interpretation of the original text,” added Morrison. “The world of ‘MBX’ is a place of incredible art and technolog…