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Hindu Temple Priest Creates Mobile Phone Malayalam Version of Holy Quran and Bhagavad Gita

C P Nandakumar Elayath a HinduTemple priest and teacher in Malappuram District of Kerala has launched mobile Malayalam version of the ‘Bhagavad Gita’ and he will soon upload the mobile version of Malayalam Quran. Nandakumar Elayath is a poojari (priest) at KallanikkavuBhagavathiTemple in Edappal in Malappuram District. The mobile phone version is now available to all handsets that support java script. All the user needs to do is to download the file to the computer and then transfer and install in the mobile phone. Yet another example of religious harmony in the grassroots level in India. The New Indian Express ReportsNandakumar secured a Malayalam PDF format of the Quran recently from an Aligarh Muslim University Scholar. Talking of his endeavor, Nandakumar said that he was inspired for the mission by his Islamic friends who offer him necessary corrections and directions.Nandakumar is a Malayalam language teacher in a private institution in Ponnani.You can find Mobile Phone Malayalam…

Hindu Bible – Mary in Sari – Joseph in Loin Cloth – Aim Conversion of Hindus

(It must be noted that Bhagavad Gita is also referred as Hindu Bible in the West but this is topic is on a different subject)
The wholesale dealers of Christianity cannot tolerate and respect other cultures and religions. They have destroyed nearly 90% of the cultures around the world. Due to the crude business tactics and cunning methods employed by the wholesale dealers, Christianity failed in India and in Muslim countries miserably but that has not stopped the Vatican and missionaries from perusing its hidden agenda of conversion. Timesonline in an article titled ‘Vatican hopes Indian Bible will translate into surge of converts’ discuss this yet another attempt by Christianity to harvest souls in India.
‘The calculation is that India is the last great missionary front on Earth,’ John L. Allen Jr, a Vatican expert based in Rome. The tactic to conquer the last great missionary front is to use the secular culture of Hindus to attack them. It might sound strange but Vatican never has the…

Basic Teachings of Advaita by Sage Ashtavakra

Sage Ashtavakra condenses the essence of Advaita in the following five verses:Desire is the root of ignorance, and so long as desire persists, the sense of the acceptable and the unacceptable, which is the sprout and branch of the tree of samsara, must necessarily continue.
Activity begets attachment, abstention from activity generates aversion. Rid of the bondage of opposites, the man of wisdom, established in the Self, lives like child.
One who is attached to samsara wants to renounce it in order to free himself from misery, but one who is not attached continues to live in samsara, and yet lives happily.
He who seeks enlightenment as a seeker, and is still identified with the body as a doer, is neither a jnani nor a yogi, and suffers misery.
Unless everything is totally forgotten, you cannot be established in the Self, even if Shiva, Krishna or Brahma be your preceptor. (Source: Advaita on Zen and Tao by Ramesh Balsekar Page 60 and 61)