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Origin of Yellamma – Renuka Yellamma Story

Goddess Yellamma is a popular Hindu deity in South India especially in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and in parts of Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. She is the Hindu Goddess of the poor and downtrodden and is popularly associated with the Devadasi concept. The story of origin of Yellamma is unique and is associated with Goddess Renuka the mother of Parashurama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to legend, Renuka, the wife of Sage Jamadagni, was famous for her devotion and chastity. It is said that her chastity was so powerful that she had the divine power to collect water even in unbaked pots.
But once she happened to see a king making love to his wife on the riverbank and she had adulterous thoughts. She lost her divine powers and her husband Sage Jamadagni came to know about this. The sage had five sons and in anger he ordered them to cut the head of Renuka. Four of them refused but Parashuram, the fifth son readily agreed to cut the head of his mother. When Parashuram raised his axe …

Why New Mahabharat Serial on 9X Channel Failed To Impress?

Ekta Kappor’s New Mahabharat Serial titled ‘Kahaani humaaray Mahabharat ki’ now being aired on 9X channels is different in all aspects. It is too different that there is no Mahabharata instead what we have is a potboiler which uses the story of Mahabharat to display flashy costumes – reminding one of Hollywood mythical movies – and weapons straight out of videogames. Everything is trendy and different but without soul and no Mahabharata culture. Total disrespect to ancient Indian culture and lack of proper research is evident in all aspects of the serial.Don’t even think about comparing Ekta’s New Mahabharat Serial with BR Chopra’s Mahabharat. The Mahabharata of 90s even though unsophisticated was full of innocence but what it lacked in technology it made up with immortal songs and dialogues and performances by the lead actors.This new version Mahabharata deliberately tries to be different and wants to present something which is fresh and something that the Indians have never seen bef…

Karkidaka Vavu 2012 date in Kerala

Karkidaka Vavu Bali is an important ritual performed by Hindus in Kerala in the Malayalam month of Karkidakam. Karkidaka Vavu Bali 2012 is on July 18. Dead relatives and ancestors are remembered on this day and ‘Shraddham’ is performed on the seashore and on riverbanks. The ritual performed for the souls of dead is referred as ‘Bali’ in Kerala and Vavu is Amavasi or no moon day.

In Kerala, ‘Bali’ is performed on Amavasi and on the birth star of the dead person. But ‘Bali’ performed on Amavasi day in Karkidakam month is considered highly auspicious and it is believed that souls of the dead are pacified easily. This Amavasi is also the first ‘no moon’ day in the Dakshinayana period.

More details about the ‘Bali’ and the temples and places where the ritual is performed can be read in this post – Karidaka Vavu Bali rituals and places it is held.

Sri Sri Ravishankar on Religion

Religion should not be a barrier. I feel that one should not have any prejudice in this 21st century. We can't afford to have prejudice against any religion or any community. We live in a globalized society, and there needs to be an exchange of wisdom, an exchange of ideas. When we can exchange our food and music, why shouldn't we exchange wisdom? I think people are very intelligent. It's not like it was in the Middle Ages, where the walls of religion and community and nations were so hardened, making it hard to communicate.

Today, there is better communication, better understanding. Spirituality transcends religious restrictions and boundaries. It actually unites people of all religions because it's basically about how to better one's life.
Sri Sri Ravishankar