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Sage Ashtavakra’s Core Teaching

If you detach yourself from the identification with the ego as an individual doer, and remain relaxed in and as Impersonal Consciousness, you will, this very moment, be happy, at peace and free from bondage.

I am immaculate and pure consciousness. With this conviction, like the fire that burns away the forest of ignorance, remain griefless and be happy.

This world of plurality is merely a superimposition on this infinite, blissful Self, like the snake on the rope. That eternal experience of being, Thou Art! Knowing thus, be happy.

He who insists to be free and liberated, is indeed liberated. He who insists to be in bondage is bound. This popular belief in the world is true indeed, as we think, so we are!
The Self is witness, all-pervading, infinite, the one – ever free, consciousness, without any activity, unattached, desireless, at peace. However, out of delusion, appears to be a miserable one.

Here lies your bondage in that you have installed another observer – instead you being th…