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Mani Mahesh Yatra 2008 – Pilgrimage to Manimahesh Lake and Kailash Peak in Himachal Pradesh

Mani Mahesh Yatra is an annual pilgrimage to ManimaheshLake and KailashPeak in the Bharmaur Region of Chamba District in Himachal Pradesh. The official yatra or pilgrimage follows the ‘Chhari’ (holy mace) from the LakshaminarayanTemple in ChambaTown. The state government of Himachal Pradesh takes care of the spiritual journey. In 2008, the official Mani Mahesh Yatra is scheduled from 23rd August to 7th September. Mani Mahesh Yatra begins on the Sri Krishna Jayanti day and the pilgrimage is undertaken by staunch Shiva devotees and adventure for trekkers. The sacred ManiMaheshLake is located at the height of 13,500 feet and the journey involves harsh treks.From Chamba town one has to travel on road to Hadsar, which is around 81 km away. From there the journey of 15 km to the ManiMaheshLake is on foot. The water of the ManiMaheshLake is believed to be holy and pilgrims take a holy dip and pray to the reflection of the KailashPeak on the Lake. There is also a four-faced Shivalingam instal…

Holy Ice Shivling at the Amarnath Cave Shrine Melts Completely in 2008

Several newspapers and television channels are reporting that the holy Ice Shiva Lingam that formed in 2008 at the Amarnath Cave Shrine has melted completely. The melting of the holy Ice Shivalinga before the final prayer on Shravan Purnima also happened in 2007. The original pilgrimage to Amarnath is a one-month affair which begins on the Guru Purnima day (July middle) and ends on Shravan Poornima (mid August). But now the pilgrimage starts in June, a month in advance, and there is widespread criticism that it is this early start that is responsible for the early melting of the Shivalingam. In 2007, it was found that the Shivling was tampered with by devotees who reached the cave shrine even before the commencement of the official journey. This year strict measures were taken to make sure that no devotee reached the shrine before the official journey. But still the Ice Shivalinga melted even before the original pilgrimage carrying the Chhari Mubarak begins on Guru Purnima day. It is …

Yoga Vasishta on the Human Body

To the ignorant, this body is the source of suffering, but to the enlightened man, this body is the source of infinite delight.
Since the body transports him in this world in which he roams freely and delightfully, the body is regarded as a vehicle of wisdom by the enlightened man.
The body does not subject the wise man to the temptations of lust and greed, nor does it allow ignorance or fear to invade him. Because the wise does not identify with the body instead he realizes that he is the cosmic consciousness which cannot be divided into ‘I’ and ‘the other.’